Divination Thread

With the year turning towards Samhain, and the theme for next months meeting being Divination, I thought I would see if I could start the ball rolling with a simple question & a little bit of self information... Please join in & add your own answer 🙂 What are your favourite divination tools & why? … Continue reading Divination Thread


Autumn Equinox Ceremony 2011

We came, We saw, We got in a circle and done Druid stuff. It was evening down at our Grove in darkest Leicestershire.  The owls were screeching as we cast the circle and prepared the ground for the ceremony.  The opening was performed as usual and, safe in our circle, we settled down to celebrate … Continue reading Autumn Equinox Ceremony 2011


Here we will tell of the ceremonies we perform.  As a working Druid Grove not only do we meet every month, we also get together to celebrate the eight fold Wheel of the Year. Our ceremonies are in three parts.  The opening (where we cast the circle and welcome the spirits) and the closing (where … Continue reading Ceremonies

Sticky Wax Grove Meeting, 13th September 2011 – Tatterhood’s House.

This is my very first attempt to see if this works.  Luchdorca, I think you might need me to upgrade me to author... here goes! Well, this is new! Blogging what we at the Grove of the Corieltauvi actually do  in our meetings.  It’s my own fault, I’d spoken up with “Erm, here’s an idea … Continue reading Sticky Wax Grove Meeting, 13th September 2011 – Tatterhood’s House.

First Post

Hi All, I'm just checking that I have set up my account correctly & that I can happily post away to my hearts content 🙂 Hopefully this should work, yet knowing my skills with a computer, it may just end up in the 'meetings' list by mistake? lol Ayn /|\