Sticky Wax Grove Meeting, 13th September 2011 – Tatterhood’s House.

This is my very first attempt to see if this works.  Luchdorca, I think you might need me to upgrade me to author… here goes!

Well, this is new! Blogging what we at the Grove of the Corieltauvi actually do  in our meetings.  It’s my own fault, I’d spoken up with “Erm, here’s an idea for the website; how about we put up a blog on what we’ve done in our meetings so anyone who visits can see what we get up to?” next thing I know, Luchdorca’s hand slaps onto my shoulder declaring “Well Volunteered!” So… here we are.

I’m not complaining though, I’ve been saying for months how I’ll “Get some writing done” and wouldn’t you know it? I haven’t done a thing.  Ok that’s a lie, I’ve written a poem here or there, but my wife had suggested blogging to get me into the habit, so at the Grove’s last meeting (See title) here I am, call it a contribution to my Bardic calling.

So, does this actually break the rules of Druidry being a mystery tradition? Allowing anyone who finds us to catch up on what those Druidy types do?  Surely not! The Druids of old didn’t tell Pliny or Strabo to “Piss Off!” when they wrote about them.  As far as I’m concerned, as long as I don’t write anything on how our rituals work, I’m fine.  What’s that? You, O faithful reader, want to know how our rituals work?! Well join OBOD and find out, do I have to tell you everything?


Anyway, on the night of the 1st Waning Gibbous Moon, we gathered once more and after dogs were politely taken out of the way and cats were safely seated and Tatterhood’s Dad nicked all the chocolates (quite right too after we’d invaded their living room), we opened up in our usual manner (join OBOD coz I ain’t tellin’ yer) although we did find our Awens were a little on the disharmonious side.

Tatterhood treated us to a night of Encaustic Art.  Ah the things one can do with wax…

In this particular form, the idea being, we have several pieces of card, a multitude of wax blocks in many colours (I still couldn’t tell which one was purple) and a very warm iron.  What we did was allow the heat of the iron to melt some of the wax on to it’s surface and then we press down onto the card and you should have: a mess.

Aha! But it’s Human Nature to make order from chaos.  So what you actually do is allow your mind to see patterns and shapes, giving us the possibility of making our very own Grove divination cards.

We all had a go, several times at mixing this colour with that one or spotting blobs onto the iron surface only to find we get the most bizarre shapes, a tree, a fish, a mountain range, a doorway.  As a bit of fun, and feeling a little bit like a kid again, the evening was a splendid exercise on making artistic creation.  As an experiment into seeing what the Human mind can perceive in colour and texture… that was an interesting matter all on it’s own.

Of course we weren’t just sat there quietly thinking what colour we next wanted to use, well, I know I thought about it once or twice (Which one was purple? they all looked black).  We also discussed other things such as the “Question Cards” which always prove a delight, especially for us newer members who never came across some of these previously.  They allowed us to discuss what we thought on concepts such as ‘Spirits of the Place’ Is it a conscious entity? Is it a gestalt spirit made by all the spirits of every living thing in it’s area?  Is it an Ancestor?  This then led the way to talking about animal spirits, fairies (even though Simon wouldn’t allow it), apparently I even admitted doing something unspeakable to the Tooth Fairy!  We also talked about the Divine in the modern age, answers ranging from ‘It always has but we ignore it’ to ‘It waits for us’ and even the Force.  Either way, there seemed to be an agreement to some sort of Divine force, even if we didn’t give it a name or a personality, because how can you sum up the life of the Earth, of the Universe?  There was even a question on how do modern Druids fall into the concept of “Love and Light”? or thereabouts.  There was a very level headed opinion between all of us present that you cannot have light without darkness and vice versa, there has to be a balance.  After all as it says in the Within Temptation song Mother Earth: “The Earth is our Mother she gives and she takes…”

I’ll let you ponder that for a while.

Briseilid talked about her ‘Dark Side’ in a matter-of-factly way and we all shared her sentiments.  That’s not saying we think its ok to give a spiritual healing and then kill some children afterward, more it was saying that yes we have a duty to do what is right and good, but even doing what is right and good can cause harm to some; the concept of being cruel to be kind, for example.  Even Druids of the past led their people in times of war, Boudicca, herself was a renowned warrior and priestess and chief.  It is our duty to keep the peace with our fellow Human Beings, but what if some of those Human Beings want to cause you harm?  What if after all peaceful avenues have been explored and still they come? At what point do you say “No” and fight back?

See? Plenty of food for thought, and all that whilst making wax art and feasting on microwave pop-corn!

All The Best,



About locksley2010

Based in the Midlands, Locksley2010 is now studying the Ovate Grade of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. He is an actor and storyteller, he likes cats, honest people and thinks he's hilarious. Do not feed after midnight!
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