Autumn Equinox Ceremony 2011

We came,

We saw,

We got in a circle and done Druid stuff.

It was evening down at our Grove in darkest Leicestershire.  The owls were screeching as we cast the circle and prepared the ground for the ceremony.  The opening was performed as usual and, safe in our circle, we settled down to celebrate the season of balance.

Tatterhood was due to lead this ceremony , unfortunately, unable to make it.  However she told us what she had in mind and so we all took out the candle s she had asked us to bring.  We approached the altar box where another candle had been lit.  We each lit our candle while giving a blessing to someone or something that has brought light to our life. After we had all done this we blew out our candles.  We then took a few moments for quite meditation on the coming dark.

We then each took a turn to tell of something that had nourished our spirit over the last year and asked for blessing for the people who were not present.

We closed the ceremony, cleaned up, and met by the cars for food, drink and a chin wag.

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2 Responses to Autumn Equinox Ceremony 2011

  1. tatterhood says:

    Hi All,

    I’m glad you got my ‘idea’ through 🙂
    There was a little something extra I had planned for you lovely folks, but because I couldn’t make it, I can save that idea for another ritual.

    Love, Tatty x

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