Beautiful world, beautiful people

I thought that I’d start off in the wacky world of blogging by sharing a quote from Dr Brendan Myers:

“- things are mystical if they offer a continuing never-ending Revelation. Things are spiritual if they offer an ongoing, ever-unfolding presence. To the extant that every person’s way of being in the world admits to no end to its potential description, every way of being in the world has a dimension that is mystical and spiritual.”

Loneliness and Revelation: A study of the sacred.

The ‘way of being’ in this case is the total revealed aspect of the individual, everything that they are and how they have ‘presence’ in the world. This is part if the central concept of the book, and I highly recommend reading the whole work.

However, what I really liked about this passage was it’s language and imagery . The concept of the ceaseless action and revelation, of the sense of beauty and mystery that is the spiritual awareness of the world.

The passage spoke to me not about the individual as such, but about experiencing the mystical and spiritual of the ever opening and expanding gentle awe of ‘being’ in the world. From the transient and inescapable beauty of the sunrise, to the intense connectivity of ritual and meditation.

If we take a step back from the mundane life and all it’s cares and worries, we can pause and become aware of the beauty, mystery and innate spirit of the greater world around us. Either actively or passively, we bear witness to, and partake in its ever unfolding and never ending beauty and mystery.

The mystery continually unfolds and reveals itself before us, it’s up to us wether we want to see it or not.

Furthermore, as Druids, we acknowledge and accept that we are not just observers to nature, but an integral part of it. We have presence.

As the world has an unfolding and never ending mystery and spirit, by extension of being in and part of the world, we to have an unending and unfolding mystery and spirit.

As the world is beautiful,

so are we.

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  1. greenwinterking says:

    I concur.

  2. cthulhudruid says:

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