Divination Thread

With the year turning towards Samhain, and the theme for next months meeting being Divination, I thought I would see if I could start the ball rolling with a simple question & a little bit of self information…

Please join in & add your own answer 🙂

What are your favourite divination tools & why?

My personal favourite divination tools are my bones. I’ve been reading bones for
quite some years now & have 13 crow bones, which I use in conjunction with
a collection of other natural items, shells, seeds, teeth, coffee beans etc…
(Depending on the reading).

I’m drawn to them for many reasons, their texture, smell, shapes, sizes and the fact that
they still maintain the essence of the creature which they came from.

However I have been collecting different forms of divination for a long time, ever since
I was a child, in fact, my collection started with a ‘Book of Fortune’ which
was passed down through my family & is used with a deck of normal playing
cards, along with this old book, I also inherited a set of cigarette cards, ‘Black
cat fortune telling cards’. The set is loosely based on Gypsy Witch cards,
which incorporate common playing cards & fortune cards combined.

These are amongst my favourite divination tools, yet due to their age & history I do
not use them on a regular basis, as you can imagine.

Amongst my other favourite tools, I frequently use: Anglo Saxon Runes, Witches Runes,
my pendulum & a set of 9 sea smoothed stones which were collected from the
coast of Mexico & were a gift from a close friend.

Stones & Bones have been around for countless years, yet each reader develops a system personal to them, working in harmony with what nature provides freely.

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4 Responses to Divination Thread

  1. cthulhudruid says:

    Don’t tell my Tutee’s but I don’t use divination any more, and haven’t done for years! In the past I’ve used Tarot, Animal cards, Runes and Ogham, getting different levels of results from each. Recently, however, I’ve found that meditation and introspection offer a better overview of the current conscious and unconscious life patterns.

  2. locksley2010 says:

    My favourite, at present has to be the Druid Plant Oracle. It was a gift for my birthday and I thought I’d give it a test run by shuffling and asking a question, drawing out just one card for the answer. I have to say the card meaning was pretty accurate and subsequent ‘Test-runs’ have proven positive also. I’m learning the Druid Animal Oracle at the minute, though mainly for the meaning of the animals as totems and symbols. In fact, I had a dream the other night that had a symbol of one of the creatures I had not yet learned about…

    I also use Runes, The Nordic and Icelandic Futhark, though it appears I can read them for other people, but not for myself.

    To the meeting, I shall be bring my Moon Oracle, which is basically a redressed tarot splitting the two traditional decks of Arcana into three.

    My very first divination tool was a zirconia crystal that I used to dowse ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions with. Though I found I could control the answers I wanted and therefore stopped. I still have it as a keepsake.

  3. I read tarot and oracle cards for others, but for myself I prefer scrying, and for that using natural and ‘now’ stuff, eg in flame or smoke or cloud or a body of water; something that completely belongs to that moment.

  4. locksley2010 says:

    Hello Charlotte Aurorawytch for visiting our site and taking the time out to answer Tatterhood’s question. Does the medium of your scrying allow you to see images in it’s shape, or is it more of a mental image?



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