If I’m asking, are you dancing?

Have you ever asked the question, ‘what happens when three street dancers visit an olde English pub, rub the magic beer tankard, awaken the spirits of olde English dance, and do battle’?
Why not?

Saturday night we went to the Warwick Arts Centre to see a show called ‘Time Gentlemen Please’, a dance show that aims to answer the question above by fusing traditional English dances – Morris, clog, longsword and rapper; with street dance, body popping and break dance. The music is a combination of traditional jigs and reels mixed with a human beatbox and hiphop – I know it sounds like a weird mix, but it was totally Amazing!

I booked the tickets with a certain amount of trepidation, and even when we got there I wasn’t sure what to expect….. But the show itself just blew us away with it’s outstanding choreography, skill, energy and sheer exuberance. I can’t recommend it enough. If they’re performing anywhere in a 50 mile radius, do yourself a favour and buy a ticket…..

If I can get it to work I’ll put a link and a film clip below…..

Clog, Sword and Morris meet B-boying, Popping and Krump in this humorous and unmissable visual feast. Think Riverdance with a false moustache and Stomp with bells on!
In 2001 The Demon Barbers, winners of Best Live Act at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2009, brought together some of England’s most exciting young traditional dancers to create the high energy spectacular Demon Barber Roadshow. Used to pushing the boundaries of English traditions they now take a further step and invite three young hip hop dancers for a night out at their local pub ‘The Fighting Cocks’, resulting in one of the most compelling and innovative dance shows this side of the millennium.


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One Response to If I’m asking, are you dancing?

  1. locksley2010 says:

    As a Border Morris dancer, myself, I have to say that looks absolutley awesome!
    I did have some hesitation because it involved hip-hop, but watching the vid, I am thoroughly convinced that this is definitely 21st century Morris Dancing!
    What I particularly liked was recognising certain themes and signatures, rapper, cotswold, even the sword dancing nut represented by the pool table cues, showing that mutli-discipline dancing fused with modern music can work. And not a traditional beer bellied, bearded morris dancer in sight…
    Cheers for that one Cthuludruid.

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