A Druid in the aeon of the child pt. 0 Core spirituality

Questions, questions. So many questions.

Questions about belief, spirituality, faith, concepts, practice, divinity….. The list is endless.

Questions that spin you out, spin you round, take you on tangents. Questions that make you question. Questions of what and why. Questions that shake you to the core of your beliefs and how you look at the world……

Questions that can inspire your path, or halt you in your tracks….

In my 20+ years of Druidry I’ve faced these questions many times, and will no doubt face them again in the future. But through it all, the core spirituality that I always come back to is the awe and beauty of nature and the planet around me. The spirit of the trees, the rolling hills, the mystery of the oceans, the sun on my face, the breeze flowing around me. the beauty and splendour that is our home. Our mother.

The core spirituality transcends labels; transcends systems and practice.

The core spirituality is a witnessing, a partaking, a way of being.

The core spirituality simply is.

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2 Responses to A Druid in the aeon of the child pt. 0 Core spirituality

  1. tatterhood says:

    I’m curious as to where this is leading?

  2. cthulhudruid says:

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