Winter Solstice marked at Newgrange

Hundreds of people gathered at the passage tomb in Newgrange, Co Meath to mark the mid-winter solstice, but cloud cover meant the sun's rays did not illuminate the chamber. Hundreds of people gathered this morning at Newgrange in Co Meath to mark the mid-winter solstice. On the days around the solstice, between 19 and 23 … Continue reading Winter Solstice marked at Newgrange


Alban Arthuan 2011

  Chaos, mischief and occasional strife are said to accompony  the 'Twelve Days of Christmas'.  Perhaps in part of, or in an attempt to forget the pagan aspect of this time of year, the Church assimilated the heathen traditions of the British Saxons, incorporating them into Christian folklore and custom.   Indeed, everything started off … Continue reading Alban Arthuan 2011