Solstice curry night (From the other end of the table)

It was a good plan: get all the work with the cats, horses and dogs finished as early as possible, get cleaned up, get changed, wait for Tatterhood to arrive, drive to Nottingham to meet the others; simple. I knew it was all going wrong when I got Tatterhood’s “I’m on my way” text whilst I was walking the dogs still wearing my mud splattered work clothes……

This time of year is all about celebration, family and feasting. So what better way for the spiritual family to celebrate but by getting together and eating curry?

For the first of what appears to become a regular event, members of the grove, their partners, and a prospective new member, amassed at a lovely little Indian restaurant in Nottingham. The Noor jahan, was suggested by Locksley, and was a wonderful choice. A charming ‘family’ restaurant that catered for all dietary needs (Vegan, Veggie and allergies). The food was wonderful, the company excellent, with laughter and chatter all night long. Tatterhood also had presents for everyone (bless her).

The only down side was, that because it was a long straight table, we ended up with three separate conversations (one either end and one in the middle). So our end of the table didn’t really get to mix or meet the other end and their partners – but, hey, we can sort that out next time! The conversation at our end roamed around such diverse subjects as hooligan cats, hooligan children, hooligan parents, holidays in China, gigs, music, the state of music festivals, the sad decline of the British pub, hooligan pasts and odd ball friends, the art of Zen Morris dancing (the sound of one stick thwacking and one bell jingling) and many, many weird and wonderful subjects in-between.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and there was talk of this happening every festival, full moon and any other excuse we can think of, so I’m hoping that it won’t be too long before we get together again.

A wonderful way to spend a cold winter night.

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