Imbolc 2012

“I want to be a size 14… Ho!”

  Wait! Stop, rewind.  Tatterhood was NOT declaring she is of loose morals and easy proposition.  allow me to explain.

  Luchdorcha led Wednesday night’s ceremony with something of an Anglo-Saxon flavour, the act of boasting.  Not the kind of boasting of “I pull every time I go out”or “I’m well off because I’m a solicitor and that’s why my car is better than yours.”  Rather this is the kind where you will confidently say something you are actually going to do, much like our Germanic and Scandinavian ancestors used to when drinking the night before going into battle.

  So Tatterhood was in fact declaring one of her aims for the on coming year.  And we weren’t calling her a ‘Ho‘ either.   Every time we made a statement of intent for one of our targets, we would all shout “Ho!” As acknowledgement and confirmation.
And we all joined in and kept boasting and “Ho”ing until we started to run dry of anything to boast about.  Some were heartfelt, some were intentionally daft.

Then we had cake and candles.  Not for anyone’s birthday, mind.  It was traditional to honour Brighid at Imbolc with 19 candles, in this instance, we revered the return of light nights by lighting a candle for various things.  The unfortunate, animals who have suffered, those who couldn’t join us tonight, the Earth.

After we wound everything down we marvelled at the beauty of the frosty grass, the crisp light of the Moon and the myriad of stars, then we decided to go to a pub because it was -7°. 

In the pub we warmed ourselves up discussed what we’re going to do in the year.  What’s that? You want to know the plan? You’ll just have to find out.

About locksley2010

Based in the Midlands, Locksley2010 is now studying the Ovate Grade of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. He is seeking to be a full-time actor, likes cats, honest people and thinks he's hilarious. Do not feed after midnight!
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