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As a neo-pagan living in a modern multicultural multi-religious society, I feel that it’s not only essential to keep in touch with our own religious and spiritual communities, but also to gain at least a basic understanding and appreciation of all other faiths. If pagans are going to play an increasing role in the religious landscape then we need to be educated, prepared and to know a little about the other players.

I’ve found that podcasts can be an excellent resource for this.

Because my job is mainly very physical (landscaping etc), and I generally work alone. I have a lot of time to think, meditate and lose myself in my own inner thoughts. I also rely heavily on my mp3 player and the world of podcasts to keep me sane.

As most of you will know you can get podcasts on just about any topic. As I am a Thelemic pagan interested in comparative religion and philosophy, I tend to listen to shows based around these themes.

By the nature of their format podcasts can be highly informative, educational, amusing, deeply personal and personable. However, one of my favourite things about podcasts are the unintentional glimpses into different cultures. Podcasts are also an excellent way of mapping current and past trends in various cultures.

In particular, many of the chatty informal pagan casts are excellent for this. If you spend a little time listening to Inciting a riot, standing stone and garden gate, new world witchery, pennies in the well etc. Or even the more tightly scripted infinite and beyond, and media astra, they all offer snapshots of the state, practices, themes and concerns of general paganism in their respective locales and countries, whether that’s concerns about newbies, freedoms and persecutions, events, meet-ups, pagan consumerism etc. through this you can also get a good ‘behind the scene’ feel of wider American and Canadian mainstream culture. Throw into that some good political commentary and you’ve got a lot of interesting material to think about.

Podcasts focusing on other religions and religious philosophies can also be a wealth if information and insight to various practices, histories and beliefs.

Of course some podcasts are just for light entertainment.

Below is a list of some of the podcasts I listen to, most of them can be found on iTunes or through google:


Infinite and beyond  (Highly recommended)
Between the earth and stars (Highly recommended)
Standing stone and garden gate  (Recommended)
Inciting a riot
Inciting a brew haha
dining with Druids
Pennies in the well
New world Witchery
Witches brew haha


Speech in the silence
Thelema today
Thelema coast to coast  (Old, but still good)
Chasing Hermes (old, but still good)
Occult sentinel

Other religion and related

Conversation from the pale blue dot  (Highly recommended)
52 weeks, 52 religions  (Highly recommended)
Divine community (Highly recommended)


Hppodcraft      (The best podcast on the internet)
History of England podcast
News from pnakotus
Celtic myth podshow
The Silver lodge


4 thoughts on “Pagan podcasts

  1. You’ve mainly listed the ones I would recommend. You missed a couple I like: ‘Another Pagan Podcast’ is very intelligent and well-informed, and ‘Baphmetis Meditation’ (by the guy who does The Infinite and the Beyond) is good if you need a bit of help meditating. ‘The Crooked Path’, on the subject of traditional/folk witchcraft, is also good – might fit in your ‘occult/magic’ section. Of the ones you listed, ‘Standing Stone’ is my favourite – Brendan Myers is a big influence on me and one of the reasons I started looking into Druidry. I really like ‘Inciting a Riot’ for the interfaith stuff and sociology (and I came across it when I was a Christian on a fast-track to atheism, and I was researching Paganism about a week later and never stopped, so the host has a lot to answer for). The Celtic Myth Podshow has really opened up the more ‘difficult’ Celtic tales for me.

    I’m a Gnostic as well as a Pagan, so I like the ‘Aeon Byte’ and ‘Gnostic Radio’ podcasts, but they’re not for everyone. I like atheist podcasts too, although some are a bit too anti-spirituality for me. If you’re interested in the history of the Bible (one of the things I study at uni), ‘The Bible Geek’ is an atheist biblical scholar who debunks a lot of myth and is really interesting – but he does put out an hour-long show each day and it gets a bit much! Good stuff though. ‘Irreligiosophy’ has finished now but it’s still available – it was by two ex-Mormons – some episodes are serious topics (mainly on Mormonism), others are a bit offensive but very funny. If you like interfaith conversations, ‘A Christian and An Atheist’ isn’t bad. I like the BBC ‘Beyond Belief’ podcast for a wide range of topics discussed from an interfaith perspective. Also their religious news podcast ‘Sunday’ can be a good overview of what’s going on in religion around the world and especially in the UK. I think I need to listen to more podcasts made by people of religions I’m not so familiar with. Ah, there are not enough hours in a day. But I am reading the Bhagavad Gita!

    So clearly I listen to too many podcasts.

    – The Grove Newbie

    • Hiya Leithin,

      Thanks for the comments and recommendations, I’ll be looking into some of them 🙂
      I’ve tried the ‘Bible geek’ before (Robert Price is also a Lovecraft commentator) but I found it all far too heavy and my knowledge of the bible isn’t that good.
      Dr Brendan Myers is excellent. I agree he’s very influential, and I can heartily recommend his books. It’s unfortunate that their podcast floundered. I think the rot set in as they started ‘drinking and casting’ – it never works 😦
      Baphmentis is currently downloading to my podcatcher……

    • Thanks for the comment Chris  🙂

      Do you still play chess? If you ever fancy a game you can find me on “chess with friends” username Cthulhudruid ……

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