Books Galore- February meeting

I would first like to thank Briseilid
for allowing us to take over her
living room in order for us to have our February meeting.  This month’s subject being on books that inspired us onto the paths we now tread on our spiritual journeys.

I was taken back by the variety and different themes of how and what attracted us to where each of us now, exploring Druidry. I found it very heartwarming and insightful that the number of books that we individually held to be inspirational actually revealed something about each of us. 

Briseild’s books, for example, showed a theme of mixing myth, fantasy and of self exploration.  Someone not afraid of using story to learn lessons about one’s self and others.

Ladymorgana presented us with a Shamanistic theme, which I think shows us a willingness to look at the Spirit in all things, whilst seeking to find the heart of any problem in order to heal any damages immediately.

Cthuludruid showed us books on Druidic philosophy and objective history on Druids.  He also had a book that had nothing to do with paganism or druidry, rather it was a recollection of a protest camp and what it was actually like to live outside of accepted perimeters.  He also presented us with a book on Aleister Crowley and Thelema.  His books told me of someone who likes looking outside of the box as well as learning his facts.

Our newest member was another factual person, her books spoke to me of one who loves to look at all cultures in order to understand the way of people, especially those that were in our past.

Tatterhood explained where her namesake came from and that stories of witches had drawn her, as did local lore and legend.  I know Tatterhood as a reader of books that explore the ‘supernatural’ and found it very interesting that stories of witches being the good guys were what inspired her.  That and a pride of being from Leicestershire with a calling of connecting with that shire’s energies and spirit.

As for me, well, I like to look at the truth behind things.  It’s not enough I have to know the history of something, I have to know the beginning of it’s origins, the breakdown of its etymology, tracing it’s lines to it’s source.  It’s my belief that we should know the truth in our past as well as what became of what we sought.

I found last night informative and honest.  It reminded me of the power of the written word in terms of education and undestanding; little wonder then why Hitler saw fit to order his Nazi’s to burn books of non-aryan origin, a crime of ignorance.  Something the members of the Grove of the Corieltauvi can proudly say we are not.


About locksley2010

Based in the Midlands, Locksley2010 is now studying the Ovate Grade of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. He is an actor and storyteller, he likes cats, honest people and thinks he's hilarious. Do not feed after midnight!
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2 Responses to Books Galore- February meeting

  1. Léithin Cluan says:

    (Psst – newest member is going by ‘Léithin Cluan’ 🙂 )

    I really enjoyed the meeting – really interesting to get a glimpse of people’s spiritual paths and what inspires them through the books they brought. There was a diverse range of stuff. I’ll be getting hold of some of the books that were recommended!

  2. locksley2010 says:

    (Psst- wasn’t sure it was you or somebody PRETENDING to be you lol >D)

    T’was a very good night and enjoyed it for the same reason’s you did. Except for finding that you can choose your own adventure books on an I-phone… that rocks!

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