Alban Eiler 2012

Ah, the light nights return!  It was a gorgeous starry evening down at the Grove, I even got to show Léithin Cluan a few of the constellations I know (which would have been two of the five I actually know of).  We even saw the occasional bat flying in the dark; a good sign that, as it means that the insects are beginning to stir as the air warms up.  Though I will say it’s not warm enough to go out with just a T-shirt on yet…

Last night’s ceremony was a welcome gathering of friends, even Greenwinterking came along which, for us was a welcome surprise.  Another surprise, which wasn’t so pleasant, was that Tatterhood wasn’t with us to run the ceremony.  She was away due to personal reasons that I won’t divulge on here, all I’ll say is we wish her the very best and that we’ll always be here for her.

When we discussed who shall run the ceremony, I suggested we should do a healing ritual for all those who couldn’t make tonight because of illness or recovery, I know quite a few people who have been badly in the past few weeks and some of those had even been hospitalised.  Of course, it’s a rule in the Grove of the Corieltauvi that if you suggest it, you volunteer to do it.  So I did.

I have been practicing auric and hands-on healing for nearly a decade now, and with the equinox celebrating a time of resurgence in the natural world, I thought it would be good to use this revitalising energy in order to heal others as well as ourselves.  Drawing from the Earth and the stars themselves, we had managed to create a great sphere of healing light.   This we allowed to build up momentum and absorb into ourselves so we could heal something we needed to, then we vocalised someone who was in need of healing and support and sent the sphere in pieces to all whom we mentioned in the hopes they would receive the help and recuperation they required.

Apparently, during this time, LadyMorgana said she thought she heard someone outside the circle and felt the presence of male and female energies, I don’t know if anyone else in the Grove did, so I thought I’d throw this out there for any comparison.

After talking everyone back into physical reality and asking everyone if they had any more to add, Luchdorca came forward with bringing balance of the equinox into our lives.  All we had to do was consider what we thought was ‘crap’ and what we thought was ‘great’ and anthropomorphise these into creatures on each of our shoulders; the bad on our right shoulder, the good on our left. Luchdorca then gave an example of what he considered crap and great and then systematically went round everyone asking what they had brought up.  If anyone knows Luchdorca, he can be very funny as well as sarcastic, something he took great delight in when he got around to Cthuludruid and asked “Besides the smell, what’s crap?”  Theirs is a unrequited love, you see?  Luchdorca made us all turn to our left and then we were instructed to remove the bad thing from the person in front of us leaving us all with only the good stuff.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but after last night’s healing and re-balancing, today I actually felt quite calm and more attuned to my spirit.  After weeks of anxious energy, it was very good to actually feel still and at peace.  For me, at least, whatever we did last night seemed to have actually done some good.




About locksley2010

Based in the Midlands, Locksley2010 is now studying the Ovate Grade of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. He is an actor and storyteller, he likes cats, honest people and thinks he's hilarious. Do not feed after midnight!
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3 Responses to Alban Eiler 2012

  1. briseilid says:

    Hi Locksley
    Yes, thanks to you and Luchdorca for the wonderful spontaneous ritual. Didn’t hear your constellation conversation, but Venus and Jupiter have appeared very close and bright in the evening western sky in recent weeks too and although they’re moving further apart now, they were still bright as we arrived…beautiful! I agree with Lady Morgana that there was definitely activity in and around the circle. I know my spirit guide was there and as I mentioned, at my left shoulder, my deer and wolf, all of whom I’m working with closely at the moment. There were others present also though…some of your guides perhaps? A potential idea for a future meeting to share our experiences with our spirit allies if all are willing to share? Love to Tatterhood, we missed you!

    • locksley2010 says:

      You’re very welcome, it was fun to do!
      I’ll be honest, I didn’t feel any presences or that we were joined by others physical or not. Though this may be down to me being more focused on leading the healing and therefore my attention was elsewhere. Thank you for sharing your experience. 🙂

  2. cthulhudruid says:

    There’s a ‘h’ in Cthulhu ……

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