“You got that… auric healing…” April 2012

April Meeting 2012

   First, a big Thank You to Lady Morgana and Fiance for allowing us to invade their home.

  I had agreed somewhere along the line (January’s meeting I think) that I would lead a talk on healing.  In my head, I imagined a bit of talking about working with auras then would get everyone to do a practical exercise: touching each others’ auras (ooer!) and even get people to do some healing on each other.  As often happens, that didn’t quite happen, I prefer to let my talk take natural courses as I can tell if the meeting requires a demonstration or not.  In this case it was a rather chilled out evening more about comparing notes… and mixing my drinks…

 Rather than talk about what ‘healing’ is and how to do it (I didn’t need to), I basically described my journey of what and how I practice.  Along the course of the talk, we naturally found stop-gaps for discussion and debate.

  Two things stood out for me on that evening: The first was being in a room where everyone had a level of understanding of what we discussed.  It was one of those chats where we felt comfortable enough to say what we thought and share experiences, whether it was my explorations or Briseilid’s acupuncture information; or even Cthulhudruid’s horse diagnosis by a healer as opposed to the one given by a vet (the healer got it right btw!).

We even compared notes on different methods such as Reiki, the Light Body Exercise and faith healing.  Agreeing that (like magic) despite the method, the objective is the same.  It just depends on how you do it.  A strange thing then we never talked about crystal healing, though conversations with the spirits of stones did come up… what is the Human fascination with mobile phones!? Only Tatterhood can explain that one…


  The second thing was my own cynicism; even though I do healing and have seen one or two phenomena that can be described as unexplainable, I am very careful to question everything that I do magically.  This is not a way of telling myself that everything I do is a form of self-deception, rather a way of cutting away the rational and plausible reasons for experiencing certain things and witnessing strange sights.  Unfortunately it can make me a little too logical and so I start over-analysing.  For example, we started discussing the chakras and I wanted to know peoples perception of them, so I phrased the question thus: “Do the chakras exist or are they a form of self programming that we allow ourselves to believe are there after reading something that says do?”  The response was a reasonable one: yes they do exist.  It doesn’t matter what we call them or what exercise we do to activate them (whether this be a chakra meditation, the Middle Pillar exercise or even the LBE from Bardic training) there is something that can be affected on the spiritual.  I think it was Tatterhood who brought up the Mabinogion as describing a journey through one’s own spiritual self as well as one’s own spirit centres (chakras).  Interestingly, I can recall the training I received from spiritualist healing saying that the chakras actually are represented by the physical form of glands, such as our endocrinal and pineal glands.

 Briseilid even told us of a time when she and a healing colleague were performing a spirit removal from someone when they both physically saw

  Something ‘dark’ forcibly shoot out of someone’s solar plexus chakra.  That to her was proof enough that even though the chakra cannot be physically seen, the effects can.

  I thought it was very good that we could openly talk about such things without anyone going “Oh me! ME! Look what I can do!” and actually validate that the aura, chakras and healing (in whatever form) are more than just a self-induced placebo, they are tangible things that are recognised throughout the world and do in fact affect us.


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Based in the Midlands, Locksley2010 is now studying the Ovate Grade of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. He is an actor and storyteller, he likes cats, honest people and thinks he's hilarious. Do not feed after midnight!
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