Beltane Ritual 2012

If you go down to the woods today... We should have known from the gathering of cars and perplexed faces that something was wrong.  Indeed we couldn’t get into the Grove- the key would not unlock the gate!  So, with access denied we went along with plan B.  Something that came as a surprise for … Continue reading Beltane Ritual 2012


One wet May evening

Ok, this is where it gets weird!… Ah, Beltane, the summer celebration of abundance, fertility and the fullness of life; delighting in the return of the Sun’s warmth and light.  The Hawthorn is in bloom and depending on where you are from, it is now safe for you to bring in it’s flowers and sprigs … Continue reading One wet May evening

True Magic

Tall, mighty Oak, Four hundred years you have seen, Through tempest and fire, Raging storms you have been. Sturdy and proud, Towering high, Mighty Oak rise above, Touching the sky. Marvel though you are, I gaze in wonder anew, At the tiny acorn in my hand, Like the one from which you grew.

Beltane Bluebells

Beltane Bluebells Well I actually took this picture on 28 April in Outwoods ...very near our Grove and Cthulhudruid’s stomping ground! Always a splendid Beltane bluebell display though not quite as vibrant or fragrant this year due to the weather! Day off today so been on a lovely Beltane walk with my dog, including walking … Continue reading Beltane Bluebells