What’s important in a mid summer kinda way.

Its strange how such a long journey, both in time and distance, for such a short time at a location, to then travel a long distance home again, can be so important.
But this was my reality three days ago.
I was lucky enough to have the available time be able to attend the grove Alban Hefin ritual at hearth grove. A beautiful inspiring event (big thanks to F & N) that focused the mind and spirit on the things that are important.
We spend so much of our lives in the pursuit of the trivial, that it is really good to remind ourselves whats important once in a while.
Its so easy to get caught up the the endless chase for the next £ or the latest celeb pettiness on the box or even turning a blind eye to that rubbish that the guy in front of you has just dropped / chucked out of the window / dumped .

We forget the important stuff ……

  • respect
  • friendship
  • community
  • our mother earth

We shoundn’t.

We are the guardians of now for the future us, yet to come.

– Greenwinterking.

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One Response to What’s important in a mid summer kinda way.

  1. locksley2010 says:

    Beautiful words, Greenwinterking, because they are honest and true. These are important things for us to remember when we allow our lives to speed ahead from us.

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