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Defining Paganism?

As part of an on-going dialogue with Léithin Cluan about all things spiritual, I came up with this broad definition ‘Paganism’. What do people think? “Paganism is in essence about forming a deep spiritual connection and awareness with the natural … Continue reading

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‘Elementary, my dear Watson…’

July Meeting 2012 Not so much an educational evening as one for a bit of idea sharing and friendly debate led by Briseilid, whom acted as chairwoman and hostess for the night (thanks for the wine, though I can’t help … Continue reading

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Painting Music- June ’12 Meeting

I promise, as soon as I get them, I’ll publish pictures. Tatterhood’s laptop is a bit ill at the mo, but hopefully it’ll get well in the near future. We invaded Tatterhood’s house once more, where myself, Briseilid and Leithin … Continue reading

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Alban Heruin 2012

Ah, Midsummer.  As we survived the ‘Wettest Drought’ (Luchdorca), we were very glad indeed that Monday’s ceremony actually had sunlight as we arrived.  I kid Ye not, it was a pleasant and lovely evening. The key worked! So we could … Continue reading

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