Defining Paganism?

As part of an on-going dialogue with Léithin Cluan about all things spiritual, I came up with this broad definition ‘Paganism’.

What do people think?

“Paganism is in essence about forming a deep spiritual connection and awareness with the natural world. Its about gaining spiritual nourishment and inspiration from the natural world whilst at the same time giving back love, respect and care. It’s about taking responsibility for yourself, your actions and your own spiritual, physical and psychological well being. Its about personal empowerment and self discovery, understanding and acceptance. To follow a pagan path is a journey of spiritual and psychological transformation, growth and development.

To form these deeper connections pagans CAN utilise a number of symbolic rituals, actions and psychological techniques. They can choose from a number of “symbol sets” (gods, myths, cultural themes etc) to aid and focus their essential practice. These rituals and techniques can be as basic or complex as the practitioner requires at the time.

There are many different approaches to pagan practice that often loosely organise themselves into “paths” or “traditions” each working loosely with a different “symbol set”. Different paths/traditions often subdivide into smaller loose knit organisations that emphasis their own approach to working within the path and wider community. Pagans do not have to adhere to anyone group or path, although many choose to do so.”

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3 Responses to Defining Paganism?

  1. greenwinterking says:

    I think that is an excellent definition and provides a really positive description for paganism.

  2. locksley2010 says:

    Agreed, an honest and coherent account without being preachy or fluffy. I feel it’s approaches like this that are important when defining ourselves to the Media and to the Public.

  3. cthulhudruid says:

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