Succession of the Heralds

The Honorable office and Succession of the Heralds

The office of the Herald has developed organically over several years, with each incumbent bringing their own style and flavor to the office.

The Herald is the main contact point of the grove, for both existing members and outside enquiries. The Herald acts as the grove “Focus holder” and meeting/ceremony “Facilitator”.

The Heralds primary task is to keep the Grove ticking along on a day–to-day basis, making sure that things are getting organized and are moving forward, making sure that everyone knows when and where meetings are, what to bring, car sharing, who’s doing what etc. The Herald also acts as the grove treasurer.

The Herald is not the Grove leader or Chief Druid, but is a practical, functional office in the smooth running of the grove.

The Corieltauvi operates along the lines of an Anarcho-collective,
where everyone, from the newest initiate, to the long-in-the-tooth veterans have an equal say. We use the title of Herald because it has absolutely no leadership connotations….

The succession of the Heralds

1996 – 2000 ​RhuMaere (Office held under the nebulous title of Grove mother)

2000 – 2005 ​Lorcha (the Hairy Herald)

2005 – 2010​ RunningFox​ (aka The Cthulhudruid)

2010 – present ​Tatterhood

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