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The Bards and the Mabon

“The Goddess likes the taste of a man’s tonsils” – locksley2010 (don’t blame me – he said it.) We all knew locksley2010 was a history geek, but I didn’t know quite how much of a history geek he was until … Continue reading

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Darkness. Steel scraping strange, precarious ground. Damp wool grasping. The tumbling descent into silence. Helplessness, doubled. I am not sufficient. Who are you and why are you here? The circle. Ancestors, gods and the tribe. Then forced onto my feet by … Continue reading

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For the Ash trees

    Given the recent bleak news about the prevalence of Ash die back disease and it’s seemingly unstoppable march across the UK, here’s a couple of pictures of ancient, venerable Ash trees at Burrough Hill, a local ancient hillfort … Continue reading

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Samhuinn Ritual 2012

“I’ll have to sort out the baggage in your boot…” Tatterhood. A glorious night was enjoyed by all.  The stars were out, the moon was a hunter’s yellow (at first) and there was that familiar chill in the air heralding … Continue reading

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