A Druid in the Aeon of the Child – conversational fragments pt 5

Cthulhudruid to Frater x

“I totally agree with you and your understanding of Awen, both the symbolic
and about the emanations of the TW. If the idea is to work our way up the
tree to Tipareth to discover and become one with our HGA or divine higher
self, (which is a reflection/stage of the divine emanation of Kether) and
then ideally work towards crossing the abyss and gaining Kether and
beyond, then, in Malkulth and the lower spheres, we are identifying a
connection and pathway to our higher divine and beyond. Awen is the
inspiration, the flash of divine, glimpse of the higher, shooting down
the tree like the lightning bolt path, illuminating the pillars and the
spheres. In its path down the tree, it lights the way and shows a path
that we can retrace back up the tree to its origin – Kether-. To become
attuned to Awen is to try and become attuned with the divine and let it
flow through you, surely this is seen as being the same as True will? To
find your true will is to work your life to the divine emanation, your
higher self in tipareth reflecting Kether? You are attempting to align
yourself with the divine and follow its path to knowledge and
oneness. Awen is a type and a means of manifestation of the divine, as is
the working and discovery of the true will. Awen is the flash of
inspiration coming down the tree; TW is the following of the path back up.

I find the Awen a beautiful symbol (which is why I’ve got it as a
tattoo) visually it’s stunningly simple, beautiful and balanced.
Symbolically it works and can be viewed on many levels. My favourite is
seeing it as the supernals – but I don’t think many druids would even
consider that aspect- it’s also a symbol of invoking, the 4 stations of the sun (2 equinoxes and 2 solstices)the flow of energy around the circle and the cycles (nuinn
hints that the Awen, in some instances is only half the symbol and can be
expanded to form the spokes of the wheel with the druid/magician in the
centre -tying in with all other symbolism of the circle the wheel, the
elements, the cycles etc. etc.)The list goes on, it’s like a druid
symbolic army penknife! More can be found out about it in Nuinn’s “Book of
Druidry” which, if memory serves, also places it in the context of some
form of English kabbalah – but I’d have to look that up again.

I’ve never heard of Jan Fries, but I’ll check out your interview and have
a poke around. I have, however, read JMG’s “Druid Magick” you can borrow
it at some point if you want. Parts of the book are really very good
indeed especially if you’ve read the “Druidry handbook” which I highly
recommend, other parts of the book (I felt)are a little lacklustre, but
that doesn’t mean that the techniques and ideas can’t be turned to better
use….. I’ve corresponded briefly with JMG (I’m a Druid Companion member
of the AODA) and he’s a really nice guy.

I find it interesting how parts of our paths mirror each other, I started
with Crowley and the gd, but moved away because I didn’t think that I had
the life experience and confidence to follow the path, I took to Druidry
as part of gaining and understanding that experience, which has led me
back to a greater understanding and appreciation of the hermetics, you
followed it the other way round. I liked your point about OBOD working
within your immediate culture; this strikes to the heart of some of the
problem that I’ve always had with the book of Law – it’s language and style
(indeed the same could be said about the GD and their Egyptian influence)
are well outside the bounds of my “heart” culture which is the deeply
imbedded in the land and ancient mysteries of my native land. Egyptology
and travel were very big in the time that AC and the GD were forming and
operating. I’ve always struggled to connect on a deep level with their
god forms and archetypes, but now I’m learning to look past those and just
see them as convenient expressions of the energies involved. I guess I’ve
go to go back and take another look at Liber Al and read the commentaries,
I’ve just started re-reading Lon Duquette’s “Magick of Thelema”.”


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