A Druid in the Aeon of the child – conversational fragments pt2

This first fragment is from the western tantric practitioner (frater x) to yours truly “Cthulhudruid”

“-Well my daily routine consists of GD type work, other work from the
western esoteric tradition, and tantric (satyananda) yoga. I’ve have several times been on the verge of joining the OTO, although I have never quite
made it.
I would consider myself a thelemite, but not a follower of Crowleyanity. And I don’t particularly see Thelma as being anything new – I see it as expressing a spiritual principle at the heart of many spiritual traditions that of knowing exactly who one is (which isn’t the ego – or who we think we are), and one’s relationship to the universe. I know of Druids and also Quakers who I consider thelemites, although these folk would not consider themselves thelemites. My main focus really is the antecedents to Thelma as I understand them in the context of the work I am doing – Valentinian
Gnosticism, alchemy, the Rosicrucian tradition, kabbalah. And all of
these things I consider tantric in some respects – uniting with the macrocosmic forces of the universe within one’s microcosm – to fully enter into communion with the divine through creation. Satyananda considers
both Gnosticism and Druidry to be western expressions of tantra. Where does Druidry come into this? I don’t know really. It’s been an
interest of mine since my middle to late teens – I have completed the
Bardic grade once, although to be honest could have put a lot more into it. I
think there is a sense of Awen being this current of true will or
inspiration. In fact, I like what Michael Staley (typhonian tradition)
wrote about Thelema, the True Will being anarchy ‘in a sense this
*is*anarchy – the anarchy of the oak, which flowers in its season in
accord with its natural rhythm’. This seems very much in accord with my
understanding of Druidry.
Enough rambling, sorry. I think this is turning into an interesting
conversation! But, I know what you mean I think about the book of
the law? Divinely inspired proclamation of a new aeon, or the subconscious
ramblings of a less than savoury spiritual seeker? -“

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