A Druid in the Aeon of the Child – conversational fragments pt3

Letter from Cthulhudruid to frater x

“Wotcha, I’m not totally sure where Druidry fits into the GD thelemic
picture either, but I’m working on it!!

My whole interest in the
“occult” esoteric started with Book 4, it fascinated me, but I didn’t understand a
great deal of it (I was bout 15yrs old). I started to track down other
works to help me understand book 4, hence the GD etc…. looking back
now I think I was just overwhelmed by the amount of info laid out in
Regardie’s GD, and the Crowley stuff is still hard to sort through (also with
Regardie’s GD you need a cast of thousands and a store room full of
equipment). But it started me looking into alternatives and
spirituality – Wicca was too free form, but Druidry just struck a chord – a cross
between ceremonial and free form Wicca (with a side hint of Shamanism). It was
just meant to be a side line whilst I sorted through the Crowley/GD
stuff…. that was almost 17 years ago! Druidry took over and
GD/Crowley became the side line. I would consider myself a Thelemite, but I don’t practice the
magick as such and I don’t ‘get’ the book of law. I believe that Al was a genius
but I don’t buy that he was a prophet of the new aeon (or maybe he was but
that doesn’t mean that I’m going to hold him up as a saint as some of the OTO
do) I find bits of “being a Thelemite” a little too fanatical. There are
aspects that greatly appeal and aspects that don’t. (Perhaps through my own
lack of understanding on this subject).

I think your comments on Awen and the true will are spot on, {and I will
nick them later and use them as my own:)I think that Druidry can work well with a Thelema and GD approach, John Michael Greer has tried to work a system out in his book “Druid Magick”, which has some very interesting points. But I’m still trying to work the full relationship out for myself on an aspirational level. Of course
Modern Druidry is based heavily on the GD system in many ways, and
Nuinn, founder of our order, was an influential figure in the occult scene and was
certainly aware of the GD and met AC at least once that we know of
(amongst other things Nuinn was editor of “the Occult Review”
periodical which I’m sure you’ve heard of) there are scattered references to GD/
kabbalah etc. throughout the OBOD material, but I think that it’s most
telling that the Awen symbol (on some levels) reflect the supernals and
the emanations of the 3 pillars…..according to Dion Fortune (can’t
remember which book of the top of my head)we are all branches of the same
path; I suppose that you could look at Druidry as being the eco-side of
magick expressing and aligning your true will with the planet around
you, or you could view Magick as a more formal ceremonial side to you Druid
awakening and spiritual practice… or I could just be rambling

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