A Druid in the Aeon of the Child – conversational fragments pt4

Frater x to Cthulhudruid

“Thanks for taking the time to write such a comprehensive reply… I
guess my own attraction to Druidry is similar to how you describe it here, as
something which mixes both ceremonial and free-form elements. I guess
this is particularly so with OBOD, or has the potential to be, rather than
some forms of Druidry which are exclusively shamanic. I’ve never been
particularly attracted to Wicca, finding Druidry more subtle, complex
and nuanced. If there is one thing I hate in life, it’s when things (esp. the
mysteries) are simplified to the point of destroying all the mystery. I
see this particularly in Wiccan and new-age thought, although I am sure
there are practitioners and schools of thought within these which have depth.
If you haven’t read the books by Jan Fries, I particularly recommend them.
Especially Visual Magick. I find him interesting as he is a post-Thelemite. A kind of northern
tradition druid.

Like you I started with Crowley at around a similar age, didn’t really
understand it all, joined OBOD and became a pagan, but really didn’t
have enough life experience to be able to integrate what I was learning with
my own life. Periods of looking at the eastern traditions followed, then
rampant materialism, then around 6 years ago, I turned to chaos magick.
That was intellectually fascinating, but I realised that sorcery wasn’t
really what I was looking for. I was fortunate to discover someone who
was able to guide me to the places I am at right now.

I only have a ‘surface’ appreciation of the Awen symbol, that is I
haven’t contemplated or read about its deeper mysteries. However, I have always
understood it intuitively in the light of the Kabbalah as you point out.
And I think this is where the similarity between Awen and True Will
comes in. If we think of TW out of the context of Thelema, and more in line with
Kabbalah generally, we can see how it relates of the transpersonal will or
divine will of Kether. Aryeh Kaplan’s commentary to Sepher Yetzirah states
that Kether, being the first point of emanation = ‘the highest faculty
in man’ = ‘will’. So to me, Awen seems to be the outflowing of divine
will, the creative force in the macrocosm and our own microcosms. ‘The Awen I
sing, from the deep I bring it’. It comes from the supernals, above
rational thought. Or in another way, from the subconscious depths,
below rational thought. As the book of the law states ‘If Will stops and
cries Why, invoking Because, then Will stops & does nought’, i.e. that the rational
thought is an impediment to the true will.

I think the problem is that we will always grasp this through the
culture of the environment that we are in, whether is OBOD or the OTO. What I
like about OBOD and some other organisations which I know of is that all members
go through a curriculum, which I think leads them to become more rounded
and better able to attune to this will, without the distortion of the immediate
culture. I would be willing to change my thinking on this though.

Anyhow, I ramble, and this is highly speculative.

I guess what I am looking for in all of this is to find these things within
my own tradition, which I understand as being Druidry. Whilst I am
familiar for example with concepts such as kundalini and chakras, I am sure that
there must be native equivalents – I just haven’t found them yet.

With best wishes
love is the law, love under will

Fiat Lux!”

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