‘Sixth Sense?’ – February 2013 Meeting

"You need a bigger ring" -Macky talking about Tatterhood's dock rope. The weird thing was heading for the same area as Castle Tatterhood, but our destination was very different.  Tatterhood has joined the 'Boat People' and now lives on 'Ragamuffin' a very beautiful narrowboat.  Inside Ragamuffin was shiny wooden panelling and a traditional Cast-Iron log … Continue reading ‘Sixth Sense?’ – February 2013 Meeting


Imbolc ceremony 2013

"I'm going to grab your pringles..." Briseilid. It's been a week since we met at the Grove last Thursday and yet the magic of that night remains with me still. Yes it was cold, and yet there was a great feeling of fellowship once we had all met.  I think that day began with sunshine … Continue reading Imbolc ceremony 2013