Imbolc ceremony 2013

I’m going to grab your pringles…” Briseilid.

It’s been a week since we met at the Grove last Thursday and yet the magic of that night remains with me still.

Yes it was cold, and yet there was a great feeling of fellowship once we had all met.  I think that day began with sunshine and a little rain, but once we got to the cool, dark Grove there was only the potential for frost.

Because our box carrier was unable to come, we made do with a circle made of tea lights, a gauze incense carrier (with re usable incense, the wonders of resin) and a bowl for blessing the circle with water.

At the grove, the sky was clear and the stars dotted the heavens above in glory and beauty.  I loved the fact that when Lady Morgana called upon the blessing of the Bear, before her was Ursa Major, as I called upon Stag, before me dancing between the trees, was Orion the Hunter “…in the heat of the chase…”

We said a prayer of healing and blessing upon those Grove members who were absent and welcomed two newcomers to the Grove, for whom coming to our sacred spot was their first time.

Tatterhood had come up with the idea in organisation that instead of following one person in the ceremony, how about we all add what Imbolc meant to us.  Cthulhudruid MC’d and began proceedings as we all followed suit and shared what the festival meant for us.  For most it was a welcome for the lighter and warmer nights ahead, for some it was banishing the old year and old life as they considered Imbolc the New Year (and why not? the nights are shorter, it makes sense).  

I included my prayer for Brighid and a story based on two separate tales I had found that more or less are Tuath De Danaan flavoured creation myths.

River shared a comparison of Imbolc and Brighid with a Brazilian sea goddess.  I found it very interesting that at the other side of the world around the same time as the festival of Imbolc there is a Goddess celebration of the waters of life.  Obviously the belief in a deity of the waters is still imprinted in the human consciousness, the Goddess never left.
Mr. Welshman joined us that night for the first time and we were his first group ceremony! He shared with us his wonderful poems on the festival and even though it was obvious he wasn’t used to sharing his beliefs with others, that made his readings all the more poignant and an act of sacrament.

As we were closing the circle down Cthulhudruid raised the point we were still in the Cailleach’s rule and that Brighid was the Goddess of Spring who shall soon be taking over.  As he shared this there was a gust of wind in the trees to the north.  As he called an end to the proceedings that same gust carried the same message “I won’t let go yet, but you are all blessed.”  Indeed as the approach to Imbolc arrived it did seem as though the Spring air was on its way, but this present week has remained cold as though the Cailleach is not ready to let Brighid bring the warmth.


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