‘Sixth Sense?’ – February 2013 Meeting

You need a bigger ring” -Macky talking about Tatterhood’s dock rope.

The weird thing was heading for the same area as Castle Tatterhood, but our destination was very different.  Tatterhood has joined the ‘Boat People’ and now lives on ‘Ragamuffin’ a very beautiful narrowboat.  Inside Ragamuffin was shiny wooden panelling and a traditional Cast-Iron log burner which kept us snug and warm from the biting cold outside.  Strangely enough, all I could think to myself was “Oh, so this is what it feels to live like a Hobbit?” Albeit a Hobbit with a moving house that bobbed on a water surface.

Sure enough, Tatterhood’s prediction of just when we get comfy, another Grove member arrives asking how to get to the boat came true.  Once we were all assembled, it was a night for the Bards to crack on with proceedings.

Keeping with the theme of making meetings taking place in the month of a certain season (i.e: Tuesday’s meeting was in February ruled by Imbolc denoting the first arrival of Spring, making meetings in Spring themed with the element of Air), Tatterhood had chosen the ‘Air’ subject of ESP.  For those not in the know: Extra Sensory Perception.  This covers a whole range of abilities that are claimed as that elusive ‘Sixth Sense’ we humans are said to possess: Clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, tele-empathy, telekinesis, aura-work and spiritual healing to name a few.

Tatterhood wanted us to explore psychometry (yes, I know its not in the list, that’s why I’m writing about it now!), the ability of receiving psychic impressions from everyday objects.  For those who’ve seen any of the supposed ‘Famous Psychics’ on television shows on about ghost hunting or mysterious happenings, you might recall that with psychometry, you may get flashes of images or a name (normal) or the full onslaught of where the object was attained, when, why, who (rare, but not impossible).

Thankfully Tatterhood wanted us to start small and see if we could describe the image of a playing card from her mind.  Muggins here was guinea-pig 1.  Tatterhood shuffled a deck of cards and picked one from the top.  The idea was she was the ‘transmitter’ and I was the ‘receiver’ (no laughing at the back LadyMorgana!) who had to pick up on the colour of the card.  We tried this three times, I failed utterly.  Guinea-pig 2 was LadyMorgana who not only got the colours right, but got one card totally right in the colour, suit and number!  Although when trying another version of the experiment, she found it easier if she wasn’t thinking about it, as concentrating caused a block.  This is probably why I didn’t do well, either I was thinking to hard on what the colour could be or I was simply a bad receiver (LadyMorgana, if you snigger again I’m sending you out of the class room!).  I tried the experiment myself seeing if I could transmit.  That came up with nothing, so I tried to read the card colour myself and gave up after the third try.  I have in the past, experimented with ‘seeing’ the card colours before and on a good day I would say I have a 30% success rate, nothing to shout about.  Obviously the Force wasn’t with me on Tuesday… or so I thought.

The next test was to find if we could sense the colours of three pieces of coloured card (Red, yellow and blue) that were separated and hidden in three brown envelopes.  We split into two teams: Briseilid, Mr Welshman, Spronk and LadyMorgana in one; myself, Leithin Cluan and Tatterhood in another.  I believe both teams got all three correct.  Tatterhood and Leithin Cluan were happy to go with my guesses, glad to say that turned out better than the playing cards!  Though I must confess I do get regular practice when I’m trying this skill on sensing what colour underwear Mrs Locksley is wearing at the time (Ok, not true).

Test three was the same as the last, but with the cards of orange, green and purple.  the first team got one correct whilst we got… ALL THREE! six out of six, get in!

I decided to try something a little different.  I gave Leithin Cluan my wedding ring and asked her if she picked any images, dates, that kind of thing.  In return she passed me her triple-spiral pendant.  From my ring, all she gained was a feeling of expansiveness, a strong positive feeling and a sense of age.  Expansiveness? not sure about that, positive feeling? I was in a particularly good mood that night, a sense of age?  I’ve only this winter begun to feel my mortality (joints and limbs beginning to get stiff a lot more than they used to… not in my twenties any more’ll do that to a fella).   As for the pendant, I saw and described what Leithin Cluan told me was her place where she goes to when she goes to see the Gods during meditation.  I had glimpsed her own personal space;  I’d rather not reveal that on here as its a personal thing to her.

Now, I’m not going to say anything stupid like “My psychic powers feel the resonance of each colour or pick up on vibrations of energy and bullshit ” because I don’t want to come across as being a nob.  What I will say was that it was a very interesting session and exercise to do.  Does it mean I’m psychic? Who knows? I’m not going to start selling my life changing book with a piece of tin foil free gift (Don’t forget the £70 healing crystal excluding VAT!) any time soon.

I think it would be great to try out more experiments like this, perhaps in an effort to see for ourselves if Human Beings do in fact possess a ‘psychic ability’.  The reason I may sound sceptical about this is not out of disrespect, its because I don’t consider walking around and telling television cameras where somebody died a good representation of whatever abilities we can possess.  I remember reading an interview in the Daily Mirror a long time ago (When I was a curious teenager and didn’t know any better) with a ‘psychic’ claiming that psychic abilities aren’t just for a privelidged few… we all have them as its a latent ability.  Those feelings and hunches we get when something doesn’t feel right, or going into a room and getting some kind of overwhelming feeling of emotion for no reason whatsoever, or even when you make eye contact with your cat and know exactly what its thinking? Those I think are real psychic experiences that we are all privy to, how aware we are of them or how easily we can access them is down to the individual.  An experiment worth pursuing.


About locksley2010

Based in the Midlands, Locksley2010 is now studying the Ovate Grade of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. He is an actor and storyteller, he likes cats, honest people and thinks he's hilarious. Do not feed after midnight!
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