Spring is here. Whoo hoo!

It was dark in the Grove as the four surviving members (those that were not ill or enjoying themselves in foreign climes … and York) limped down the hill towards the two trees where we hold our rituals. I say limp, the rest of us were just keeping Briseilid company.

The night was clear and warm, except for the overcast sky, and chill wind. We could really feel the seasons warmth spread up through our hands, if we put them in our pockets.

Yes, spring’s a little late this year.

We formed the circle close, as much for warmth, and Briseilid opened the ceremony. It was her first go at being the MC on her own, but she handled it like a pro. With circle cast We entered into a meditation where made like a tree (or plant) and extended our roots into the Earth to gain the nourishment to use for the many plans we have for the year ahead. She then handed us all an envelope of wild flower seeds to sow so that they would grow and develop as our plans and ideas do.

As so many of us are under the weather, for one reason or another, we then had a few moments of silent meditation to send some healing thoughts to them. We finished the ceremony with the usual Awens (which were excellent, even with just the four of us).

With circle closed and the night getting decidedly chilly we made our way back to the shelter of a nearby public house to discuss the great mysteries of life.

As always after ceremonies, I feel energised and able to take on the world. As for the wildflower seeds; they will be scattered at a place in my home town which I hold dear. When the spring-time snow has gone, of course.

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