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A Druid in the aeon of the child – Thelema and a fragment from a different conversation

I was recently asked (via email) about Druidry and Thelema. Below is some of my reply (with a little editing) which I hope others may find interesting… “Thelema is a difficult thing to encapsulate easily. Thelema comes from, and involves, … Continue reading

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Elen of the Ways

My primary animal spirit connection, for over 30 years, has been red deer hind and I’ve worked with an archetypal deer goddess for many of these years too. Over time, I found her name was Elen of the Ways and … Continue reading

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Show and Tell, April Meeting 2013

‘My bag’s bigger… and its more practical…‘ Luch Dorcha discussing his utility pouch. Another physical ‘Air’ meeting where we brought things that inspired us, or meant something to our spirit.  Me and Tatterhood came up with this one during a … Continue reading

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Random thoughts on the Tree of Life

Copied over from my other blog, here are some random thoughts on the Tree of Life expressed in the 2nd knowledge lecture of the DOGD The knowledge lecture puts the Supernals (Kether, Binah and Chokmah or Celi, Perydd and Dofydd) … Continue reading

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Feeling creative

Normally i dont tend to post about any of my creative side, but I felt inspired after seeing locksley post up his poem. here are two of my most recent paintings. I decided to play with blending and texture medium. … Continue reading

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