Random thoughts on the Tree of Life

Copied over from my other blog, here are some random thoughts on the Tree of Life expressed in the 2nd knowledge lecture of the DOGD

The knowledge lecture puts the Supernals (Kether, Binah and Chokmah or Celi, Perydd and Dofydd) in the circle of Ceugant and Malkuth (Naf) in Abred. Yet it assigns the Supernals as the “roots” of the tree and Naf as the crown instead of the more traditional Naf (Malkuth) as the base of the tree, and Kether, (and the Supernals) as the crown. At first this reversal appeared counter intuitive to me as I’ve always viewed the tree in the more traditional way.

If we are following the circles of Abred as a progression outwards from the centre it makes sense that Naf is in Abred and we are following the “Path of Great Return” upwards/ outwards towards Ceugant. This would also put the “Three Rays (Awen)” descending from Ceugant (following the Lightening flash path).
Traditionally this would see us working from the base of the tree towards the crown (Abred to Ceugant, Naf to Celi). But for me this model takes too much emphasis away from the land and Mother Earth and puts too much focus upwards and outwards. By moving away from Earth towards a heaven or celestial place we are removing ourselves from the environment that sustains us. By doing this we fall into the same trap as the Judeo Christian religions.

By describing the Supernals as the roots of the tree we are reminded that spiritual nourishment, inspiration and growth comes from the land around us (and, to an extent, our sub-conscious minds and inner realms), which has a far more Druidic feel to it.

Much of the confusion can be removed by changing the word “root” to ” source”; so that the Supernals are the source of the tree and Naf, instead of the crown, becomes the furthest manifestation of the tree. This brings it back into alignment with the traditional approach. In the Jewish tradition (and judeo christian tradition) the “source” of the tree is celestial in nature; in the Druid tradition the Land is the divine “source”. The flow of manifestation from source to furthest point is the same, but the emphasis on the origin of the source is different. In the judeo Christian model we are following the path back up to a celestial divinity; in the Druid model we are following the path back to the divinity of the land. The assignment of the word “root” for the Supernals in the Druidic model serves to emphasis this connection with the land as the origin of manifestation.


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