Show and Tell, April Meeting 2013

My bag’s bigger… and its more practical…‘ Luch Dorcha discussing his utility pouch.

Another physical ‘Air’ meeting where we brought things that inspired us, or meant something to our spirit.  Me and Tatterhood came up with this one during a text message conversation, it provided very interesting insights into each and everyone of us present.

After catching up and quieting the excitable Dexter at Briseilid’s pad, me suddenly cocking-up the Awen’s by suddenly chuckling to myself (a really weird memory involving me and my brother when we were kids popped in and I was gone), we began the proceedings with news and drinkies.

I began with talking about my medicine pouch that I wear for protection if I need it.  I made the small bag in my very first Grove meeting and have since added to it.  Apparently, you aren’t supposed to let anyone see inside the pouch as it would let others take your power.  Seeming I created mine with my fellow Grove members, I saw no problem sharing its contents with them.

Luch Dorcha was next, interesting how both he and I brought our pouches along, albeit two very different pouches with very different uses.  Whereas mine is more representational and for giving strength and protection, his was indeed much bigger and serves as a mini- ceremony kit.  Should there be need for an impromptu ceremony or the lack of tools to do so, then rest assured Luch Dorcha has almost everything for performing any ritual right there and then! See that Luch Dorcha? You won the sacks…

Tatterhood opened a black bundle to reveal white bones… these were her scrying bones used for divination.  She was quite matter-of-fact when describing taking bones away from crow carcasses, even explaining the odd looks one gets when carrying a dead animal.  Holding them was interesting because they were so light, I didn’t want to break them.

Briseilid showed us her frame drum made with Reindeer skin.  Coolest thing was she made it herself during a workshop, how good was that? It certainly had some power behind it when hit.  I even got the urge to make one, though I reckon she wouldn’t appreciate me using her dog for the template.  The next time my cat wakes me up mind you….  The other item shared was the Saami birch and Reindeer antler Kuska cup carved into the shape of a Reindeer Turns out ‘Saami’ is the native name for what we call ‘Laplanders’ (Briseild, please tell me I got that at right at least, lol).  So why the Reindeer connection? because this horned creature is associated with Elen of the Ways, one of the Welsh goddesses Briseilid feels a very strong affinity for and about whom, she will hopefully write a blog on here about (doitdoitdoooooiiiiiit!).  The Reindeer Drum was made for and dedicated to her, which reminds me of the triad:

Three foundations of spirituality: The Hearth as altar, work as worship and service as sacrament.

Cymro ap Arthan brought nothing physical with him, but he shared his experience of treading his path.  His was a heartfelt tale about his journey and the wonder of synchronicity, especially when walking up a hill that unknowingly to him connected to the very land he had his childhood.

Léithin Cluan produced a peat cross, a bottle of water and a worn stone.  All of these were from Ireland where Léithin Cluan’s family comes from (whaddya mean her name wasn’t obvious!?).  The cross represents her Christian past and the fact it still is part of her path, the water was from Lake Bhearra a place connected to its own form of the Cailleach, as was the stone.

Lady Morgana brought her medicine cards used for divination and helping oneself in life.  She’s tried Tarot decks of many kinds, yet out of all of them this is the one she works with best.  In fact before we began the meeting, she was kind enough to offer me a reading in exchange for a healing I performed for her in March.

River showed us her coconut ring from South America, yes I sniffed it and no it didn’t smell of coconut! She told us of her times there and of the culture she craves to return to.

And Dexter joined in when there was clapping, barking away and being part of the gang.

My Bardic mind has failed me and if Léithin, Cymro and River want me to correct something I put (or left out by mistake) they are more than welcome to contact me, or even better blog it here!

And by the way, our closing Awens were awesome!


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Based in the Midlands, Locksley2010 is now studying the Ovate Grade of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. He is an actor and storyteller, he likes cats, honest people and thinks he's hilarious. Do not feed after midnight!
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4 Responses to Show and Tell, April Meeting 2013

  1. You were almost right, when it came to me 😀 The water was from St Gobnait’s well – I wrote about my experience at my well here: The stone was from the sea at the Beara Peninsula, which is indeed where my family comes from. The cross was made of Irish peat and is a link to my ancestors, as well as a reminder of my Christian past 🙂 Great post, and a good meeting!

    • locksley2010 says:

      Damn! I was so close, lol. Thanks for filling in the blanks in my memory, it was a long week (I was lucky to get 5 hours sleep that week) which might account for loss on all the details. It was a very good meeting, thank you for sharing. 🙂

  2. briseilid says:

    Thanks Locksley for updating the post relating to the reindeer items I shared, that’s great 🙂 And yes the Saami (you’ll see it sometimes spelt Sámi too) the native arctic tundra people of Scandinavia and parts of Russia etc, are often called Laps or Laplanders by outsiders, a term they regard as derogatory.
    I will also blog more about Elen of the Ways at some point soon, since you insist 😉
    You don’t need to apologise for loss of details in your blog btw, you do an excellent job of commiting to memory all of our random grove conversations and musings !

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