A load of B******s: May Meeting 2013

Its been two weeks since the last meeting of the Grove of the Corieltauvi, and I did ponder to myself whether putting this blog up would be a good idea. Ah, well.  To save anyone asking ‘Oooh what happened to the May meeting blog?’ here it is and… I’m so sorry. Don’t expect any hidden … Continue reading A load of B******s: May Meeting 2013


Beltane 2013

"They're just sort of round, lots of possibilities..." - Léithin Cluan on growing vegetables. "What's the hardest part of a man?" - Cymro ap Arthan before revealing his answer... you can reply if you know what it is... factual question, mind you! It was one of those beautiful nights where because it was still light, … Continue reading Beltane 2013