A Solstice Road Trip

The Solstice road trip: At 4pm (amply supplied with a bottle of water, 2 packets of Kettle chips and 2 flapjacks) we set off in the trusty van to see New Model Army at the corn exchange in Devizes, Wiltshire. We headed Southwest, skirted carefully around Birmingham (narrowly avoiding the first wave of the rush … Continue reading A Solstice Road Trip


Flame on! – June 2013 Meeting

“Can I have some more cock?” Ladymorgana, saying coke in a very naughty way. Its been a cold year hasn’t it? Winter has finally sodded off, but you can still be forgiven for thinking that summer is a myth… Fortunately Tuesday had glorious sunshine and even gave us a beautiful sunset before the grey clouds … Continue reading Flame on! – June 2013 Meeting