Flame on! – June 2013 Meeting

Can I have some more cock?” Ladymorgana, saying coke in a very naughty way.

Its been a cold year hasn’t it? Winter has finally sodded off, but you can still be forgiven for thinking that summer is a myth…

Fortunately Tuesday had glorious sunshine and even gave us a beautiful sunset before the grey clouds of doom came over and brought a little darkness to what was otherwise a pleasant evening, if windy and cool.

Tatterhood encouraged us all for a BBQ outside ‘Ragamuffin’ (Hobbit-hole on water) so we enjoyed the warmth of the coals, the taste of venison burgers and, for the veggies: halloumi cheese kebabs.  I love a good BBQ, I suppose it kick-starts that savage part of me that wants juicy meat being carbonised, there’s something to be said for grilled beef (I still remember the time I found a deer carcass at the butchers in London’s Borough Market, it had been gutted, but the head, fur and hooves were still attached… my mouth salivated and I wanted to rip it off the hook and devour it right there).  I certainly don’t mind vegetarians being present, especially when I brought a disposable BBQ with additional utensils in order to limit contamination from meat onto non-meaty goods.  I’m considerable like that, see?

I hadn’t been there fifteen minutes and Cymro ap Arthan told me “I’ve got something for you…” and he did.  He produced a gorgeous wand made of wood.  Not just any wood, Yew-wood.  More specifically a five-hundred year-old Yew that came from his brothers back garden which just so happened to be… the site of a druid grove!

I won’t go into too much detail because I don’t want to give the power of the wand away, all I’ll say is Cymro carved it from being inspired by my calling on Stag in our Grove ceremonies.  I may one day post a picture of it, but for now it’s a very personal object.  Cymro, thank you very much, its beautiful and full of raw energy.

Tatterhood even got us to do our Awens outside (are you mad? Outside? in public? where people can see? Brilliant!) kicking off the meeting with a theme: Our blog names and why we chose them:

Cymro ap Arthan: He’s a Welshman and until he had his own account here on WordPress, I used to call him Mr. Welshman.  He wanted this in the original tongue of his people, plus he joined OBOD in the winter (Alban Arthan).

Briseilid: “Broken Deer”, She works with the spirit of Reindeer and so the last part of her name comes from the Scottish ‘hind’.  She has written an excellent piece called Elen of the Ways here on our blog.

Spronk: Comes from her affinity with weasels, ferrets and stoats.  I originally labelled her as “Mumsie” (from the Crystal Maze gameshow).  She now wants to be known as “Dances with Weasels”.

Locksley2010:  Has nothing to do with Robin Hood at all.  It came from a very good mate of mine back in London when I lived there a few years back, actually because of my flowing locks.  2010 was the year I joined OBOD, the same year as:

Ladymorgana1: Does a lot of work with The Morrigan, and actually uses ‘morgana’ as an abbreviation.  Nothing to do with the Arthur legends.

River: Is a name she chose for people to know her by and seeming that she hasn’t yet got a blog name, I thought I’d use it here.  Actually she does have an account, but to tell you what would be to give her REAL name away…

Tatterhood: Got her name from a Norwegian story about a young witch.  Plus she really liked the ‘Tatty’ part.

At least those are the names of the people who were able to come along, for those who couldn’t we sent blessings and if they want to reveal their blog names, that’s up to them.

So why the blog names? Because Druidry is supposed to be a mystery tradition, and seeming we reveal some of what we do on here as well as sharing personal insights, we wanted to keep our identities a mystery.  Unless you know who we are in which case we’re screwed 😉

We also got to meet some of Tatterhood’s neighbours (Alan and his amazing technicolour neon coat) and talked about ghosts, fraudulent mediums, druid prayers and how you choose to become Herald when the changeover time at Samhain comes… apparently you get drunk on mead in the ceremony and, with gusto, accept by saying “Yeah, go on then, I’ll do it.”

Maybe there’s something to be said for our Norse ancestors whom, in the past, would get drunk and make great boasts about joining battles and making oaths, only to find they had to live up to them once sobriety kicks in.


About locksley2010

Based in the Midlands, Locksley2010 is now studying the Ovate Grade of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. He is an actor and storyteller, he likes cats, honest people and thinks he's hilarious. Do not feed after midnight!
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2 Responses to Flame on! – June 2013 Meeting

  1. Glad you all had fun! Great to hear what people’s blog names mean – very interesting. I was all prepared to tell the story of Leithin of Cluan, one of the Irish ‘oldest animals’ tales, but I’ll have to tell it another time. Or you can read it here: http://www.maryjones.us/ctexts/leithin.html I just like Leithin as a sort of archetype of the seeker of wisdom – and also as a reminder that sometimes, seeking can take us a bit too far from home.

  2. briseilid says:

    We missed you on the night Leithin Cluan, so thanks for sharing the inspiration for your name. Hope you are having a magical time.
    And thanks Locksley for linking to my Elen blog post again!

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