Horsing around- July Meeting 2013

“You can snuffle, but no nibbling!” Tatterhood to Callum when he nuzzled into her cleavage.  Callum is a horse.  She’s that kind of a girl…. Cthulhudruid suggested and very kindly allowed us to have the meeting in a field at the farm where he works.  After mistaking an enclosure his cats use to go in … Continue reading Horsing around- July Meeting 2013


Alban Heruin 2013 – Summer Solstice ritual.

“…So I suppose I could say I have DonkeySlut’s ring on my finger.  Though in the dark I thought it was red, in the light I found it was brown...”- Me talking about the wooden ring I was wearing during the ritual.  DonkeySlut was the name used when the artist drunkenly introduced herself to my … Continue reading Alban Heruin 2013 – Summer Solstice ritual.