Horsing around- July Meeting 2013

You can snuffle, but no nibbling!” Tatterhood to Callum when he nuzzled into her cleavage.  Callum is a horse.  She’s that kind of a girl….

Cthulhudruid suggested and very kindly allowed us to have the meeting in a field at the farm where he works.  After mistaking an enclosure his cats use to go in and out of the house for a cage, I was impressed by the farm itself and its equine inhabitants.

One particular horse, Magic, I think, had to be convinced with sugar that I was friendly.

On our tour I noticed a gorgeous black horse had become aware of us as visitors and jogged elegantly as if to say “Look at me, I’m beautiful!” He/she (I couldn’t quite tell) wasn’t wrong.

We met the ‘kids’ Callum (cleavage snuffler), Merlin (bit shy but liked the attention) and Baby (loves company and kisses).  They were handsome, healthy strapping males who were eager for fuss as much as they were eager to look in your pockets for treats.

Settling down in a grassy patch surrounded by trees and fields, the views were amazing- only in hindsight did I realise I should have taken pictures.

We caught up, Briseilid had the dreaded lurgy, Leithin Cluan had returned from America: bringing Mable the Maple with her.

We discussed our favourite rock stars and how certain insights into their lives can ruin the dream (the effects of age, spaghetti and washing socks), but that’s why we love ‘em right?

Enjoying the out door picnic we discussed, from the question cards, about whether or not we would go to war should we be drafted.  This was a very difficult question to answer, as there were so many variables to consider: would the cause be just  (defending against an invading enemy like the Nazi’s) or for greed (military employed to take land in order to possess oil or some other ‘valuables’)?  Would it be against a people or a religion?  There is the argument that Modern Druids can use of being Peace Keepers, however classical texts tell us Druids could also fight and lead armies (Boudica did, though she was a chief and a priestess, not necessarily a Druid).  Either way the response is mixed and I changed my answer depending on the situation the call to war would be in.

The next question card asked if ancient myth had any relevance in our world today.  Yes if you count the old names of deities and spirits included as town names or those of streets, woods, etc.   Yes when you think of certain superstitions from a predominantly Christian land (witches as evil, any occult thing comes from the Devil).  Yes if you scratch the surface of our culture, history and folklore… but even then if you go looking for it.  No, if people aren’t afraid of the “Evil Eye” any more, or that the majority of people don’t even know their cultural heritage.  Modern myth and legend however… alien abduction, the Chupacabra, Bloody Mary etc, all have imprints on modern consciousness in their own right.

As the sun set and the dusky twilight grew, we saw bats, owls and even the occasional horse break into a gallop for no reason.  This bought up something Briseild wanted to know: What would our Grove’s totem animal be? The Owl seemed to be the answer as we often hear them when we go there for ritual and ceremony.  Plus, the Cailleach had made herself known and the Scottish for owl is Cailleach Oidhche (Night-Hag).  The fox was mentioned as well, but this seemed more for association with Tatterhood and Cthulhudruid.  There is no reason why we couldn’t have both…

About locksley2010

Based in the Midlands, Locksley2010 is now studying the Ovate Grade of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. He is seeking to be a full-time actor, likes cats, honest people and thinks he's hilarious. Do not feed after midnight!
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7 Responses to Horsing around- July Meeting 2013

  1. Here is a picture of Mable the Maple (it also features me, hugging a redwood) http://www.flickr.com/photos/91363508@N07/9282999068/ . And here is the amazing place where I got her http://www.flickr.com/photos/91363508@N07/9280220903/in/photostream/ .

  2. briseilid says:

    Great post Locksley, sorry I had to leave early because of the lurgy especially since I apparently missed the discussion about a question I had about whether we had a Grove totem and if so what animal it was. Sad to have missed that 😦
    I’d mentioned to Lady Morgana recently, with a view to raising the question at her August meeting session on Shamanism. I’d been reflecting recently on the possible identity of our Grove totem. The Shamanic group I belong to has a Wild Boar totem and when I was on Caitlin’s course with the Staffs Druids, I was privileged to see a Hawk with their Grove in a journey, as did Caitlin and they have since taken Hawk as their totem and renamed their Grove as Hawk of the Chase. I was going to suggest when I raised it for discussion, that we journey as a Grove one day to see which animal(s) came through as our Grove totem and if there was a consensus. Doesn’t stop us doing this at some later date of course, but I agree that Owl does seem to attach strongly to our Grove for me too. Be interesting to see if we do journey if Owl, Fox or perhaps other animal(s) come through. I also wondered if we finally ever get to complete our mythical Grove banner, we might consider incorporating the Grove totem animal on it too, if we agree on one?

    • locksley2010 says:

      Thank you very much, Briseilid! Yes, we were sorry to see you go so soon, even if we understood why. I think this definitely a conversation we can all get into, preferably when there’s a large turn out to compare notes on the subject. Hope you’re feeling better by the way. 🙂

  3. briseilid says:

    Thanks Locksley, feeling much better, but still a little hoarse…though given the blog theme, guess that should say horse 😉

  4. Sounds like a wonderful gathering!

    • locksley2010 says:

      It really was, Diane. Relaxing, fun and deep all at the same time. Thanks for commenting!

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