‘You say “goodbye”, and I say “Hello”…’

If one member of the Corieltauvi has been especially busy this month its Leithin Cluan. At our Lughnasadh ceremony (31st July), she was our MC.  She went on the theme of what have we harvested this year?  This involved poetry (Cymro ap Arthan), home made ale (Danceswithferrets), stories (Luchdorca), personal stuff too deep to reveal … Continue reading ‘You say “goodbye”, and I say “Hello”…’


Rowan – Mountain Ash – Luis

There’s a spectacular display of Rowan berries this year, the most plentiful and vibrant I’ve seen for many years, which has got me reflecting on what has always been one of my favourite trees. I love the energy and connection I feel with Rowan. Rowan, the ‘Lady of the Mountains’ is described as the protector … Continue reading Rowan – Mountain Ash – Luis