‘You say “goodbye”, and I say “Hello”…’

If one member of the Corieltauvi has been especially busy this month its Leithin Cluan.

At our Lughnasadh ceremony (31st July), she was our MC.  She went on the theme of what have we harvested this year?  This involved poetry (Cymro ap Arthan), home made ale (Danceswithferrets), stories (Luchdorca), personal stuff too deep to reveal on here (Tatterhood, Lady Morgana), experiences with deity (Briseilid), personal achievements (River), performance (my self-written storytelling act on the Big Bad Wolf) and a rendition of the story of Lugh and Balor told in the medium of… puppets! It was one of those ceremonies that was poignant and deep as well as fun and amusing.

She also hosted Lady Morgana’s talk on Animal Spirits at her own house.  So as well as learning about each others experiences with animal spirits, guides, synchronicity etc (or not in some cases), we got to meet and play with her cats.  We even talked about how our own pets have taught us many great things, my cat, Loki, for example has taught me the value of patience… four ‘o’ clock in the morning when she cries wanting to be let out is a wonderful way of letting me learn when its an excellent time to swear at her for waking me up an hour and a half before I have to be up.  On a serious note, I didn’t even realize animal-kind had feelings until I observed the emotions of my three rats years ago.  It was amazing to see them show love, annoyance, affection and playfulness, not to mention the paranoia…

Last night we of the GOC and a friend of Leithin Cluan’s (who we talked into joining the Grove… Press-ganged, if I’m honest) saw her off on her leaving drinks.  You see, Leithin is leaving us for going to “That London”.  Requesting to be subjected to our emails still means she wants to be in the gang.  Bloody right too!  As far as I’m concerned, we weren’t saying “Goodbye” we were saying “See you around” because there will be chances in the future for her to join us in a meeting or ritual should she be in the area.  If anything, Leithin will just be absent most of the time, but she’ll always be welcome into our crazy group.

Her leaving drinks took place in a lovely pub in Beeston called the White Lion.  A place that serves food as well as ale and you can even get a huge pork pie for £3.50!  It was a night that I think scared the locals… “Who are these strange people wearing necklaces and the two men with long hair?  Why are they talking about that band The Damned (Growing old disgracefully… brilliant!)?  And why is one of them talking about robot porn involving Daleks, Cybermen and a squeegee!?”  OK I made up the bit about the squeegee…  Don’t ask me about the smurfs, that was part of a conversation I was not involved with… at least I don’t think I was, that bit was a blur.

I remember meeting Leithin on our very first curry night at the Noor Jahan, here in Nottingham.  I was very impressed by her Crosog Brighid and the way she was totally unfazed by the weird conversations we had back then.  She was a little quiet at first, but proved herself just as witty and very wise.  There was kinship in her knowledge of the gods without the bullshit factor.  Then of course there’s her podcast, Divine Community, and through Les Booky-Farce we’ll always be able to see what she’s up to.

We all found a very good friend in Leithin and are indeed sad in the fact she has to go, but I sincerely wish her and her wife the very best in their adventures in The City and look forward to the next time we can have a deep chat about the divine or what things you can do with a cyberman.  😉



About locksley2010

Based in the Midlands, Locksley2010 is now studying the Ovate Grade of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. He is seeking to be a full-time actor, likes cats, honest people and thinks he's hilarious. Do not feed after midnight!
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3 Responses to ‘You say “goodbye”, and I say “Hello”…’

  1. Aww – you make me sound lovely! 😀 I shall be continuing to read the Grove’s exploits here with interest. 🙂

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