Alban Elfed 2013

  Ah, equinox season, the celebration of autumn and all of its glory.  Of course, the real equinox was on Sunday night, which was a glorious day and evening.  Guaranteed it would be cloudy on our ceremony last night.  Or as Cthulhudruid put it: "I don't know, you've got no stars in Nottingham..." last night, … Continue reading Alban Elfed 2013


“All Shook Up…” September 2013 Meeting

Ah, here we are, another Autumn, another invasion of the GHWI.  We had the Round Table all to ourselves on Tuesday.  Seeming Leithin Cluan had arrived in nodnoL (yep, that was on purpose) and reported one of her cats claiming multiple territories, we had three new members to the Grove come and fill her place: … Continue reading “All Shook Up…” September 2013 Meeting