A Druid in the Aeon of the Child – life, death and whathaveyou…

In some recent correspondences the themes of “life, death and reincarnation” have come up. So I thought I’d share some of my parts of those conversations…

This first fragment concerns dealing with bereavement as a process –

“I think that the course and the work can give you a wider, more pragmatic(?) view of life and (consequently) death. Through having a glimpse of the “bigger” picture we can sometimes gain a deeper perspective of the processes, seeing how they “fit” into the greater scheme, which in a strange way can relieve some of the intense (almost selfish) feelings of personal loss and injustice associated with grief (how will “I” cope? What have”I” lost, how could this happen to “me” etc). Grief is after all, all about the living. By seeing a part of the bigger picture, the process, natural order and by having a sense of the subtle energies, we can see that the process of death isn’t just about us and our feelings, but is an essential part of the journey of all involved (this includes the transitioning of life force you sensed)….of course that, unfortunately, doesn’t stop the pain or the broken heart, but in some small way can help with the coping, healing, and grieving.”

This second fragment sees me trying to conceptualise my thoughts on reincarnation, life and death….

“We know that the ancient Druids believed in a form of afterlife or otherworld followed by some form of reincarnation…. But me? I’m just not sure. I think part of you moves into the otherworld (however you wish to perceive that) but the “divine spark” part of you also moves onward into a new incarnation.
I see The divine spark as the higher self/ HGA/ pure spirit or soul. It is the inner essential “you”, your connection and oneness of the universe, an indestructible essence that binds you to all creation (including plants, animals and the gods – as we say in Thelema “there is no god but where I am”) It is a part of the separated divine force of nature and the universe.
Whereas I see the part that lives on in the otherworld as the ego (for want of a better word) or personality. It is the everyday conscious, the “you” that you are most aware of, the “you” with the everyday needs, instincts, sensations and drives. The personality is like a character played, and infused, by the Divine spark; it is the interface through which the divine spark experiences this particular incarnation and learns the particular lessons that need to be learnt or experienced in this life…
In my preferred view the reincarnation of the divine spark is moving ever “outward” in the circles of Abred towards Ceugant, possibly following a meta version of the cabalistic tree of life and the path of the great return….


However, in all this it must be kept in mind that both the divine spark and the personality are you, they are not separate, but two sides of the same coin….

…But like I say it’s all just speculation :)”


6 thoughts on “A Druid in the Aeon of the Child – life, death and whathaveyou…

  1. I’ve noticed a lot of this going around, could it be that we are beginning to realise the divine spark goes on and the ‘self’ is the part that dies yet also stays with the spark as it grows and evolves? Thought provoking stuff CD.

    • Years ago I did a presentation to the Grove called “higher spiritual aspirations of Druidry” that touched on many of these themes, but it’s generally only when I correspond with students do I get to put these things down on “paper”.

      As usual with me it’s an attempt to mash together Thelema (and the Hermetic order if the Holden Dawn) and my Druid practices and beliefs

  2. Really interesting. I prefer the OBOD concept of circles moving ever outward, to the ‘classical’ idea of reincarnation. Maybe it’s my Gnostic background, but I feel like when we die we move ‘up’ in some way, towards the great One-ness…

    • Exactly 🙂

      I see the cabalistic tree of life (as used by Thelema and the Hermetic GD) superimposed on Iolo’s circles of Abred – Kether sitting just inside Ceugant and Malkuth resting just above Annwn; with the rest of the tree stretched across Gwynfyd .

      I can see a personal journey attempting, through spiritual and magickal practice, to symbolically move up the “path of great return” (Malkuth to kether) in this life; and a “meta” journey of the divine spark (Hadit) move up the path through reincarnations over a number of lifetimes.

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