Samhain 2013

Calan Gaeaf

Spirits of this place await “Calan Gaeaf” to call.
So come with the Corievaltauvi, celebrate Samhain for all.
Skies have thickened now with tumbling clouds,
Fields have yielded their harvests are ploughed
rough and naked until seeded next year.
The earths so dark, decay in the air
Ready to fertilise the next seeding once the year comes anew

Creatures hibernate in their hidden dens, they as the Land, now sleep.
Summer birds have flown, warm climes to seek.
There is silence when winds bring on winters chill.
Seas roll high, waves crashing the shore, crumbling once more land into silt.
Rain falls aplenty, rivers and lakes take their fill. After feeding the land, waters cascade toward the sea.

Spirits, await this as do all who breathe,
For when we join together on this hallows eve
Known by many names, now, to celebrate the past;
Every ritual, special to each and every cast
So come ye all and gather and celebrate life
Although most have gone before us,
do not fear this night.’

By Cymro ap Arthan… Which was then offered to the Ancestors.

Merry Samhain everyone! Was yours good? Did you enjoy it? I know we did!

On Sunday November 3rd, me and LadyMorgana turned up to a dark and cool evening at the Grove Heart.  The stars were out and it really felt like it was Samhain…. y’know why? Because last night was Samhain! (At least, if you go with the idea that translations from the Coligny Calendar show us that the Celts counted their months from the New Moon- which was last night. Btw, the original draft was written on Monday 4th November which is why it refers to Sunday as ‘last night’)

After peace was called, the circle cast, the elemental forces welcomed and Awens (harmoniously) sung, it was time to blindfold and initiate Cymro ap Arthan fully into the Grove.  I think the poor fella was terrified… I didn’t blame him.  All I will (and can) say is he passed and was welcomed into the Grove of the Corieltauvi.

We then let Strider into the circle so he and Briseilid could then join Cthulhudruid with leading the next part of the ceremony.

Briseilid performed as Ancient (personified as The Cailleach) and Strider as ‘Summoner of the gods and ancestors’. It was the first time we had ever seen him with authority, man he surprised me! For someone who comes across as jovial and and mild mannered fellow, Strider (in ritual mode) has such presence and gravitas!
  After he called the ancestors and spirits and gods to come forward and join us in our celebration, we were invited by the Ancient and Summoner to eat homemade biscuits and drink aniseed flavoured liquid (I forget if it was a cordial or a liquor).  We were then presented with a gift of a sprig of Yew, this tree being linked with the ancestors and remembering the dead.  There was then invitation to lay offerings or symbols of those we wished to remember last night.  This part was individual and personal to each, so I won’t spoil the intimacy there.
We were then asked if we had any more to ask of the Cailleach, I asked for the strength and fortitude to carry out the projects I have to do during the winter.


Photo of Sprig of Yew on Altar by locksley2010.

Then of course was the passing of offices, Tatterhood remains our Herald (yay!) and Briseilid, our new sword bearer- she had no idea I chose her for it and was very surprised indeed!
I attempted to pass on the position of South and Fire, because I thought you could… turns out I’ve been hogging it for three years! Oh well…

Once all was done and the ritual part was wound down and put away, we went back to the car park and celebrated Tatterhood’s birthday with wine, cake and a fluffy cthulhu. 

About locksley2010

Based in the Midlands, Locksley2010 is now studying the Ovate Grade of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. He is seeking to be a full-time actor, likes cats, honest people and thinks he's hilarious. Do not feed after midnight!
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6 Responses to Samhain 2013

  1. Sounds amazing! Blessed Samhain/Calan Gaeaf to all 🙂

    • locksley2010 says:

      It was a magical evening and felt wonderful. It was nowhere near as cold as it was last year either! May the ancestors and gods smile on you our distant sister. 🙂

  2. briseilid says:

    It was indeed magical Locksley! Beautiful also how Owl called just as I started the main Samhain ritual and Fox cried as we closed.
    And you’re right…I was very surprised at being chosen as the new sword bearer
    …very honoured, thanks! 🙂

    • locksley2010 says:

      You’re very welcome! I do remember the owl, yeah! I don’t recall hearing fox though… we tend to hear those quite often, perhaps we ought to adopt them as Grove totems?

  3. briseilid says:

    Thanks Leithin, we missed you being there (and shhh, I’m Briseilid here, lol 😉 )

    Yes Locksley, I agree. We’ve touched briefly on Grove totems before (July blog and comments) and it would be great to follow this up as we suggested at the time. Owl and Fox were both mentioned there, so very appropriate they were both present in the Grove for Samhain.
    A topic for our next meeting?

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