‘Take a Walk on the Wild Side’ November Meeting 2013

Briseilid actually inspired this month’s theme, all she did was comment on how we heard the owl and the fox during our Samhain ceremony, which then led us on to the topic of Totems.

Totems, power animals, animal guides, whatever you want to call them, each of us feels an affinity with a certain animal somewhere in our lives.  It might be somebody working with bees, someone is definitely a cat person… whereas another might have had a dog when they were younger.  There is no denying that animals actually have much to teach us, not only about them, but about ourselves.

We have explored our animal affinities before, back in August, but due to other commitments, I didn’t get a chance to write about that particular meeting in its full detail.

Proceedings kicked off with the question of if the Grove of the Corieltauvi did adopt a totem for itself, then what would it be?  This then changed into should we adopt the Owl and the Fox as our Grove totems?  We discussed this and ended up with three animals:

Owl:  We seem to get the owl a lot, even back in July when we visited the horse farm where Cthulhudruid works, we still had owl singing (screaming?) away as well as swooping down on some unfortunate rodent.  The owl is linked with the Cailleach, who we in the Grove honour at this time of year.  The long nights and cold winds are her domain.  The owl is also connected with remaining detached and being able to be still in order to see what others miss.

Fox:  I remember going onto the GOC website and seeing Cthulhudruid’s symbol and name: Running Fox.  Both Tatterhood and LadyMorgana have fox fur in different guises (Mr and Mrs Fox).  The fox in the Druid Tradition is a creature that represents the wildness within, it employs cunning and is said to have power in diplomacy.  What I like about fox is its ability to remain unseen if it wants to, whereas sometimes it will just come out in the open, regardless of who is watching!  Tatterhood said Fox is very suitable for the Grove as a whole; we tend to sit on the fence and avoid politics in other groups, we don’t get precious about who we talk with or not.  By all means, we make friends with other groups (the Abus Coritani) and have no contact with others we know we won’t get on with… not mentioning any names…

Horse: The horse is a gallant and powerful creature, it has connections with the Land (obviously!) journeys and the goddesses Rhiannon, Epona and the woman, Macha who was forced to run a race with horses despite being about to give birth!Horse is also linked with Cthulhudruid, whom although unable to make the meeting, his wisdom was quoted by LadyMorgana.  She related to us something Cthulhudruid told her about horses which was that they reflect the rider.  If a rider is nervous, the horse picks up on that and won’t feel comfortable.  If a rider is relaxed, so will the horse be so.  If a rider has arrogance and extreme confidence, the horse will be just as pompous.  I am paraphrasing, of course but it was said that the horse’s ability to reflect is something we as a Grove also do with each other.  When in ceremony and ritual, there have been many times when one of us has said we’d like to work on something within ourselves and we all could relate to that aspect.

So, here is a question for those not at the meeting, because we felt we couldn’t make the decision fairly without the other members: Do we adopt the Fox, Owl and Horse as Grove totems?

Please comment below.



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Based in the Midlands, Locksley2010 is now studying the Ovate Grade of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. He is an actor and storyteller, he likes cats, honest people and thinks he's hilarious. Do not feed after midnight!
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One Response to ‘Take a Walk on the Wild Side’ November Meeting 2013

  1. cthulhudruid says:

    Out of the three options I would vote for the Horse. Partly because I have a strong affiliation with horses and live on a Livery Yard (not a “horse farm”, which has all sorts of negative connotations ), partly because I feel that it’s the option that best fit the “character” of the grove (especially through the theme of travel), but mainly because the original tribes of the Corieltauvi must have also felt a strong connection with the horse as it is the most common, although often very stylised or abstract, image depicted on their coins


    (Or just google image “Corieltauvi coins).

    Next of the options would be, for me, the fox. I love foxes and again feel a strong affiliation with the fox totem. However, in my mind the fox,as a symbol, is very Leicester/ Loughborough centric. Charnwood borough council, leicestershire county council and Leicester City FC all use the fox as their logo. To me it excludes the wider catchment area of the grove. It’s true that I used to use the name “RunningFox”, but that was not because I work with the Fox totem. Instead it was because when i was selected to become an OBOD tutor I was told, in no uncertain terms, not to mention that I was a Hunt Saboteur, so I choose the name RunningFox and used the HSA (hunt Saboteurs Association) “runningfox” logo on all of my official OBOD communications, which I still do 🙂
    I only changed from RunningFox to Cthulhudruid because WordPress wouldn’t let me have RunningFox without a string of numbers behind it..

    My least favourite of the options is the Owl. Don’t get me wrong, I like owls and I love to see and hear them when we’re out, but for me it just don’t seem to fit the grove character.

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