January Meeting 2014

Here we are, 2014, at last!

We made last night’s (Tuesday 14th’s) meeting more of a social one and invaded the Gate Hangs Well pub, or as Zhukov started calling it “The Well Hung Gate”.  I was particularly happy: pie was back on the regular menu!

This was the first time we had seen each other since Yule, even then not everyone was able to come along.  So Cthulhudruid, LadyMorgana, GreenWinterKing and Glamorgan: we missed you and our thoughts go to all of you.

In the meantime, we were joined by potential newcomer to the Grove, Oak Queen.  We had a chat about the Mummers Play done in Yule and we had been rumbled: the Oak and Holly Kings were the wrong way around… or were they? We discussed that, usually, at Midwinter it is the young Oak King who stands victorious, the Holly King doesn’t regain the crown until Midsummer.  However, it has been alleged that in Robert Grave’s White Goddess‘ when the classification first appeared, it supposedly is the other way round: Oak King finally dies at Midwinter, allowing the Holly King to rule winter (this way round makes more sense to me), the Holly King dies at Midsummer, hereby having the Oak King preside over summer (ditto).
Luch Dorca played Devil’s Advocate by saying if you wanted to get really technical about it, its actually at the equinoxes (during the balance of light and dark) we see the real effects of the battle of the two kings. 

Anyway, that’s all by the by, after our bill was settled, it was on to business and organising who would run a meeting or a ceremony and who would host a meeting at their home.  Because, our meetings generally take place in one of our members home’s as they are kind enough to offer.
Among one of the themes for a future meeting was to try out the new question cards as opposed to the classic (“Heritage” I believe was the agreed term) question cards, so more on that when we actually do it.

We left some blank slots on the calendar so if any of the absent members wanted to volunteer or have their say, then they could do so.

Our dear Herald had threatened us with some alien probing (don’t ask!) but this turned out to be a cover for a spot of divination.  Tatterhood had very generously got New Year’s gifts for us all, each was wrapped up in gorgeous fabric and all were put into a bag.  This was also an experiment (cunning lady, is our Tatty) in that you put your hand in the bag and ‘chose’ your own gift.  Once everyone had done this, we were then allowed to open them.  The idea being that whatever item you got would be a representation of what energy you needed to work with to help you in the New Year.  Mine was an exception as Tatterhood knew which one I HAD to have, so she passed it to me personally… it was a pewter badge of a stag’s head! I’m wearing it even now as I stand at the bus stop typing this blog. Thanks Tatty! 😀

For those who weren’t at the meeting, don’t you worry! The bag still contains your gifts, ready for you to claim them.

Other conversations I managed to catch included:

* Wassailing and who wants it in their garden or allotment.

* Zhukov being nicknamed “D2″… as in R2.

* Will Danceswithweasels make us a new beer by Imbolc?

* Where ARE the heathen groups? Down South apparently…

* All conversations lead to Star Trek.

* Professor X looks like Dumbledore.  Yes, really!

Me, Zhukov, Professor X and Strider were the last to leave.  Zhukov treated us all to a round of coffee and I thought I’d enjoy a cigar… something I do very rarely, it was that kind of night. 😉




One thought on “January Meeting 2014

  1. “Where ARE the heathen groups? Down South apparently…”

    Yep – there are two in London that I’m aware of, plus a social group. I’m attending the social group at the moment, having had little success in finding a druid group here. Funny how these things happen!

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