A fragment of conversation concerning the Golden Dawn and Druidry

The following is a (lightly edited) fragment from an email about beginning to study Druidry after studying with the Golden Dawn system.

“I know from personal experience that it isn’t easy to try to learn and experience a new system when you are so deeply grounded in another. It can get very frustrating as you have to go over basic concepts again.

The OBOD Bardic grade is loosely based on the structure of the lower (elemental) grades of the Golden Dawn system. The ceremonial/ritual structure is very similar, and some of the techniques are variations on the GD techniques. However, working through things from a fresh “Druidic” perspective will give a new dimension to existing experience and knowledge; and that, like the GD grades, the work is designed to build sequentially and you’ll get maximum satisfaction and benefit by following that order. It might also give a more “Earthy” and practical understanding of magic, to compliment the more cerebral and intellectual approach of the GD…

If things get too desperate you can always point people towards John Michael Greer’s book “The Celtic Golden Dawn” and the accompanying “Druidical order of the Golden Dawn” order. I wouldn’t really recommend it much (I found it lacks substance – not enough GD or enough Druidry) but some might find it a useful stepping stone..”

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