For Ash- Nuin (part II)

Back in November 2012, I blogged here about the sad news of Ash die-back disease which had entered the UK

I was always hoping that the my favourite Ash the largest, venerable Ash tree at the north-east perimeter of Burrough Hill iron age hillfort wouldn’t succumb to Ash die-back. On our visit to Burrough Hill again today, we were also hoping that Ash would gift a small branch as Dream-Hare and I are due to both make a drum at the Summer Solstice and Dream-Hare was hoping to find a suitable Ash branch for his drum beater. Little did he expect to find so much choice of wood!

I’m glad to say that Ash die-back hasn’t worked its worst on the venerable Ash, but I’m very sad to report that the winter storms have ravaged it. The Ash is sadly no longer standing tall and majestic as guardian of the north-east rampart. Split apart by storm damage and then riven by chainsaw it is lying there a fallen giant. With the permission of Ash, we have taken a very small amount of wood away from which we will craft items to honour Ash: Dream-Hare’s drum beater and he also plans to craft a flute and I will craft a wand. I have journeyed with this particular Ash for many years and will continue to do so, on the ethereal plane Ash is still standing tall and majestic. I’m also hoping that as the root and base of the truck is still intact, though hollow due to the great age of Ash, that new shoots will grow and Ash will live on in the apparent world too.

As we were standing there in shocked silence looking at the destruction, two buzzards were circling overhead, their keening cries also honouring Ash-Nuin.

I’ve included below a few photos of Ash:

Then (5 May and 30 June 2013) in all its glory:

DSC05591  DSC05595 DSC05926

And now 19 April 2014:

DSC07529 DSC07527 DSC07533 DSC07544 DSC07550

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One Response to For Ash- Nuin (part II)

  1. locksley2010 says:

    Better for the ash to have been claimed by the winter storms than by the disease. A sad account nonetheless.

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