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Beltane 2014

Beltane! The beginning of summer and huge fires, young couples copulating in the woods (doggers) and bright sunny cheer… … is normally what we are told Beltane is all about. As me and Dumbledore left Nottingham, the closer we got … Continue reading

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A Druid in the Aeon of the Child – fragment concerning emotions

Part of a discussion about emotions… “Many people, associate emotions with sadness, stress and tears. I’m not sure why this is? As a society we tend to treat our ‘everyday or base state’ (hopefully mild happiness or contentment) as neutral/emotionless … Continue reading

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Some brief thoughts on North American Shamans and how they might have been regarded

On our way to a recent Grove meeting at Dances-with-Weasels place, Locksley and I had a fragmented discussion about the North American Indians and their place in world spirituality. It was fragmented because I was obliged to keep an eye … Continue reading

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“Expelliarmus!”- April 2014 Meeting

This post is about the meeting that took place on Tuesday 15th April… I would have done this earlier were it not for my internet connection breaking down.  Oh well. NB: This is the Yew wand Cymro made for me. … Continue reading

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