Alban Heruin 2014

Originally written on Saturday 21st June... What a glorious day today's Midsummer was! We actually had sunshine, a gorgeous sunrise (or so I'm told as I was asleep at the time) and warmness throughout the day. There was only a few of us tonight, but our thoughts went to those who couldn't make it. Swithland … Continue reading Alban Heruin 2014


OBOD 50th Anniversary Gathering : 6-9 June 2014

After months of eager anticipation, Cymro ap Arthan and I set out last Friday on our road trip to Glastonbury for the OBOD 50th Anniversary Summer Gathering. We were joined there by Leaf and her husband. So there we were with our Corieltauvi banner, along with 400 other Druids in mass celebration and what a … Continue reading OBOD 50th Anniversary Gathering : 6-9 June 2014