A curious tale of clairvoyants

“So it seems the clairvoyant was half right..”

I was talking to our farrier today. He’s a mid-level officer in two of the Freemasonic lodges in this area, and we often talk “shop” about various esoteric matters. Today he told me a curious tale…

When you turn at the crossroads onto the road that leads up to the hearth grove you may notice some horses in the field a little way up on the left. Our farrier was there plying his black smithery trade, chatting away to the owner. She, as she talked, was looking around distractedly. “Have you lost something?” He enquired.
“I can’t find the broom” said she, then followed with the statement, “I blame the Druids!”.
This, of course, piqued his interest. “Huh?” he eloquently encouraged her to elucidate.
“Just over a year ago, when visiting my sister, I went to see a clairvoyant” she said, “who told me to move my horses because Druids meet in the woods nearby and they are not to be trusted!”
He gagged a little but said nothing, despite knowing that we meet around that area.
“Apparently they don’t like women and are generally unpleasant” she continued, “I blame them for everything, a bit like blaming the gremlins!”
After a little more subtle questioning my Masonic friend discovered that the lady in question had no idea about Druids (past or present) and just thought the clairvoyant was “going all ‘Lord of the Rings’ on her.”
He, thankfully, chose silence on the subject.

So what do we make of this tale?
Are we making a beacon on the astral plane that the clairvoyant picked up on (even if her interpretation was wrong)?
Was it just an inspired guess?

One thing I do know is that I too have a gremlin-like bogey-man I blame everything on, someone not to be trusted, who hated women and was generally unpleasant. If in doubt I blame everything on Thatcher! Perhaps the clairvoyant was picking up on that as well..


“My children of darkness, bring me all manner of unattended sweeping implements…”

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3 Responses to A curious tale of clairvoyants

  1. locksley2010 says:

    Oh, that did make me chuckle. Bless.

  2. hocuspocus13 says:

    Reblogged this on hocuspocus13 and commented:
    jinxx xoxo

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