A Druid in the Aeon of the Child – a fragment concerning astrology and divination

The following are some brief thoughts about astrology and the nature of divination taken from an ongoing email conversation.

“…Like you I’ve never really ‘gelled’ with astrology. I find that it can be a useful, within limits, as a categorisation system for personality and behaviour types; and, through its elemental symbolism, it can be neatly worked into Tarot and Qabalah. However, personally I find it, as a system, too dry and cumbersome to have more than a passing interest in. And to be totally honest I just can’t get behind the premiss of it. To my understanding all divination works by using various symbolic techniques to ‘circumvent’ the controlling rational mind and tap into the observational subconscious to recognise and bring into focus certain patterns of behaviour and circumstance, so that we, the practitioner, can have a greater awareness, and therefore control, over our immediate surroundings and decision making processes. For this process of ‘circumnavigation’ there must be an strong internal connection or understanding of the symbolism used (this is why the overall themes of Tarot are fairly universal, but there are many different artistic interpretations and themed decks. These ‘themed’ decks will appeal to different people depending on how strongly they identify or connect with the symbolism used i.e.. The Druid tarot, the cat-people tarot, fairy tarot, etc). And there must be at least a plausible ‘belief’ in the ‘internal logic’ of the system mechanic itself. Try as I might the symbolism of the classical zodiac just doesn’t fire me up, and I really have to argue myself into a position where I can claim any ‘plausible belief’ that the orbits of planets millions of miles away, passing in front of abstract clusters of stars billions of light years away, can have any bearing on my life as an individual. My advice would be to become familiar with the basic concepts and themes because they are referenced time and again in other paths and workings, but don’t worry too much about practicing it if it doesn’t ‘sing’ to you :)”

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