Beltane 2015


Our Beltane Altar... How the mead did flow...

At last! Beltane!

Another wet one this year, but that’s ok.  How can we enjoy the green of Spring and Summer if the plant realm isn’t watered?  We were blessed with rain and brief clear skies, we even saw the peachy, copper of the setting sun.

There were only a few of us last night as we had chosen to reschedule due to the Grove’s availability, but we carried on and our fellow Grove-mates were in our thoughts.

After a chat about WW2 and the SS uniforms being designed by Hugo Boss (it was news to me and Cymro, at least!) We decided to get cracking on.  Especially as the rain appeared…

Cymro was the host and had even written a script (something we rarely do) so I was very surprised he called for us to ‘abandon script’ as it were and just wing it instead.  He seemed to just want to let the ceremony flow naturally instead.

On the car journey there, me and Dumbledore were joking about ritual stereotypes, in this case ‘…Right, who’s going to be the one wanting to be in charge and end up forgetting everything?…‘ Ironically, I fulfilled that role! Not the wanting to be in charge bit, but fluffing up the order of peace and then totally mixing up when to bless the circle with fire.  And I had to dash and bring my bag carrying the incense before the circle was cast! Incidentally, I called upon Fox to represent North and chaos ensued… I thanked him for his bare-faced cheek.

Cymro blessed the circle with seeds and flowers, I like it when he does that, it adds a third blessing, I feel.

Cymro led the meat of the ceremony by having us all remain in the tight circle we formed for some ass-kicking Awens.  Going with the flow, he then asked us to share what Beltane meant to us.  For him, it was the renewal of life and the sunlight.  For him this was truly the New Year as things awaken and grow, the celebration of the turning of Arianrhod’s wheel.  For Dumbledore, it was about the flow, the newness of life and the neccessity of rain.  For me it was union, May has always been a time of romantic pursuit, so I saw fit to share the news that me and River had started our new relationship (see, River, I did it, we’re officially out now!).  For Danceswithweasels, it was less about renewal and more about simply being able to enjoy the light nights again, especially after so much dark.  For Strider, it was the turning of the wheel and recognising the seasons.  He also pointed out that we were not alone… Pan was watching us. 

Because our fire wood had gotten wet, we decided to forgo the Beltane fire and just use our lanterns and candles instead.  Strider offered to lead us in a fire spiral, where we all join hands and make a looping dance around the fire until we drop everybody else off back into their places.

So that was our Beltane, it was a bit damp and we (I) muddled things up but we persisted and had a jolly good time indeed.


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Based in the Midlands, Locksley2010 is now studying the Ovate Grade of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. He is an actor and storyteller, he likes cats, honest people and thinks he's hilarious. Do not feed after midnight!
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